Mankato Clinic looks at dermatology for River's Edge

River's Edge Hospital is working to lease the former River's Edge Clinic space to Mankato Clinic, which will use it as a specialty clinic space. File photo

ST. PETER — Mankato Clinic plans to put dermatology and other specialty services in the former River’s Edge Clinic space.

CEO Randy Farrow said Friday that the clinic has hired four new dermatologists. Two have started at Madison East. He expects the other two, who will start this summer, will work out of that St. Peter space.

“We’re out of space here,” he said. “The idea is that we’re looking at using some of that space to create a second derm clinic at the River’s Edge campus and add other specialties that are hopefully well-received.”

River’s Edge Clinic closed in November after the city-owned hospital and clinic decided that the clinic would not become profitable. Mankato Clinic considered moving the Daniels Health Center location from 1901 Old Minnesota Ave., near Highway 169.

“We took a look at it and it was just going to be difficult to try to make that kind of a move,” Farrow said. “We made a pretty big investment in that building and we were worried about being able to sell the clinic.”

The Daniels center also has significantly more space than River’s Edge Clinic would provide. Dermatology has emerged as the early probable option and Farrow said they would likely be able to set up three or four other doctors there.

Stephanie Holden, Chief Marketing and Development Officer at River’s Edge, said in an email Thursday, “The two parties are still discussing the leasing options for the space.”

Farrow said the negotiations are going well. “We just have to work out the lease arrangement … it’s looking good.”

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