Quaday, Billy James

Billy James Quaday

MANKATO — When investigators searched a rural Blue Earth County property, they didn’t find the drugs for which they were searching. Instead they found stolen vehicles and guns.

When suspect Billy James Quaday, 40, of Mankato was taken into custody Monday, drugs allegedly were found in his pocket.

Quaday was charged with multiple felony counts of receiving stolen property, drug possession and possession of a firearm after a felony conviction Wednesday in Blue Earth County District Court.

According to the court complaint:

Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force agents received information that Quaday had drugs and might be selling them from a rural property that belonged to a deceased relative. Agents obtained a warrant and searched the property Monday.

Agents found a brand new SUV, valued at $52,000 or more, that had been stolen from a Mankato dealership. They also found a 2015 pickup, valued at $35,000, that had been taken from a Courtland dealership. Both vehicles were wrapped in tarps.

Agents also found a trailer, valued at $9,000, that was stolen from Kasota.

In the garage agents found a handgun that had been reported stolen from Cottonwood County. In a camper they found a rifle and a box of ammunition. Quaday is prohibited from having guns or ammunition because he has felony drug convictions.

Quaday was arrested later in the day while leaving his residence. He had a small amount of meth and a pipe in a pocket.

Quaday acknowledged to an investigator he uses his late relative’s property.

When the agent asked about the stolen vehicles found on the property, Quaday requested a lawyer.

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