MANKATO — A Mankato hospital nurse is accused of stealing more than 100 doses of painkillers.

Brett Seeger Jordan, 39, of North Mankato, allegedly admitted to thefts after a medication auditor at the Mayo Clinic Health System hospital in Mankato noticed abnormalities in his drug administration records.

Jordan was charged with felony counts of theft Wednesday in Blue Earth County District Court.

According to the court complaint:

The auditor noticed Jordan appeared to be dispensing more medication than other nurses. Some dispersals were never documented on patients’ charts and others weren’t documented until much later. The auditor also noted Jordan was increasingly accessing a staff bathroom immediately after dispensing narcotics.

The hospital contacted police after Jordan reportedly admitted to staff he had been taking fentanyl during his shifts.

Further hospital investigation found nearly 125 suspected drug thefts between early February and the end of April. The missing narcotics were morphine, hydromorphone, oxycodone and fentanyl — all pain medications.

In some of the cases, the records showed Jordan procured drugs for patients who did not need pain management. Other times he took out more drugs than records showed the patients had been commonly using.

Investigators with the Mankato Department of Public Safety and the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force interviewed Jordan last week.

He admitted he started stealing and taking oxycodone in January because he was under a lot of stress, the charges say. His use snowballed after he tried fentanyl. He only used while he was at work, he said.

Jordan sometimes took more pills than a patient needed, he said, and other times split doses with patients. He said his patients were never negatively impacted.

The hospital refunded patients who were charged for drugs they did not receive. The hospital’s loss was over $7,000.

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