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NORTH MANKATO — A Mankato woman allegedly attempted to cash a forged $600 check at a North Mankato bank.

Kjellsi Lee Meinecke, 36, was charged with two felonies related to check forgery Thursday in Nicollet County.

A criminal complaint states Frandsen Bank & Trust reported someone was attempting to cash a fraudulent check on April 18.

An officer responded to the bank and reportedly learned the check was “very worn,” its number was out of sequence, and the checking account owner denied writing it out to Meinecke.

When asked about the check, Meinecke allegedly denied knowing it was forged. She said a woman named “Pat” gave it to her as payment for cleaning a house in Lake Crystal a few weeks prior, according to the complaint.

The checking account owner told the officer she placed two personal checks in her mailbox in January, but both had to be reissued because the initial checks didn’t reach their intended recipients. One of the checks was for $38 to CenterPoint Energy, and the number sequence on it reportedly matched the $600 check Meinecke tried to cash.

The account owner also reported she had never met Meinecke, never hired anyone to clean a house and had no connection to the address that Meinecke provided for the house cleaning, according to the complaint.

The officer noted the check was faded and appeared to have eraser marks under the writing. Video obtained from the bank reportedly showed Meinecke enter the bank and attempt to cash the check.

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