Dotson Iron Castings will get training for employees through a partnership with Minnesota State University and the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota State University and three businesses will share in more than $736,000 in grants aimed at tailoring training for employees.

Two local businesses, Mankato Clinic and Dotson Iron Castings, and a Twin Cities business will get training for their employees tailored for them by MSU.

Tammy Bohlke, coordinator for strategic partnerships at MSU, said the university has been active in applying for the grants in recent years and she manages 15 of the programs.

“The program is mostly for health care and manufacturing. They can be any size business. For some companies it’s the only way they can afford training. It’s made a big difference for a lot of them.”

Bohlke said Mankato Clinic, with 876 employees, is the biggest business MSU has collaborated with.

She said training options are wide open, but must be approved by the state. “We sit down and see what they need and we create curriculum and work with our faculty and sometimes students.”

Bohlke said the training partnership can last one to three years, but often last two years.

Half of the businesses MSU works with are in the Twin Cities. She said some schools that were involved in the program in the Twin Cities stopped doing it and the state often points interested businesses to MSU because they have a strong reputation for tailoring training for businesses.

The three grants were among 26 workforce development grants the Department of Employment and Economic Development awarded to Minnesota State colleges and universities under the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Program.

Mankato Clinic — $397,100

The Mankato Clinic is partnering with MSU to develop and deliver training for 876 employees, including 84 new hires. All employees will participate in a safety/de-escalation and violence prevention course. And new simulation skills training that provides employees up to 30 continuing education units will be delivered at MSU’s simulation center.

Dotson Iron Castings — $290,203

Dotson, founded in 1876, is the oldest manufacturer in Mankato. Dotson provides castings for a variety of manufacturing markets, including agriculture equipment, heavy truck, industrial and construction.

Dotson has found that recruiting and retaining employees for the physically demanding work is challenging and has begun a focus on training and development.

MSU will work with Dotson to write new curriculum for company training tailored to specific tasks. A total of 185 employees, including 75 new hires will receive training.

TSI Plastics, Inc. — $49,371

TSI, in Blaine, has for 50 years manufactured precision molded materials for a broad range of applications for the aerospace, military, computer, electronic, medical, food service and construction industries.

TSI will work with MSU to develop training that will be delivered on site at TSI for all 50 of its employees.

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