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A majority of area respondents say they support the recently passed $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill, according to a Free Press online question.

Out of 376 total respondents, 251 voters — almost 67% — say they approve of the recent infrastructure bill. Another 125 voters oppose the recent federal spending package.

President Joe Biden signed the bill last week after Congress passed the bill on Nov. 5.

The Associated Press reports Biden had to cut back his initial ambition to spend $2.3 trillion on infrastructure by more than half. The bill that becomes law on Monday includes about $550 billion in new spending over 10 years, since some of the expenditures in the package were already planned.

Historians, economists and engineers interviewed by The Associated Press welcomed Biden’s efforts. But they stressed $1 trillion was not nearly enough to overcome the government’s failure for decades to maintain and upgrade the country’s infrastructure. The politics essentially forced a trade-off in terms of potential impact not just on the climate but on the ability to outpace the rest of the world this century and remain the dominant economic power.

The Free Press online question, sent out Friday, asked, “Do you support the recently approve $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill?”

There were two options to answer, “yes” or “no.”

Commenters unanimously supported the bill, and some expressed concern over Republicans in Congress, including U.S. Rep. Jim Hagedorn, R-1st District, who voted against it.

“Our infrastructure in this country has been the miracle of our economic growth and stability for many years,” Michael Smith wrote. “The ‘many years’ term is the key to why we need a complete overhaul now. For too long we’ve managed to avoid catastrophes which could have stopped our economic growth in it’s tracks, but time is not our friend now!”

Timothy Berg wrote, “I certainly say ‘Huzzah’ to this bill which funds long over due urgently needed infrastructure needs, but I wish it was much larger in scope and finances. I am so proud that one of our political parties has the foresight to build for the future and saddened the other political party does nothing but obstruct, obstruct, obstruct.”

“The (bill) will rebuild a crumbling infrastructure and bring the country totally into the 21st century by supporting the use of alternative energy sources, provide drinkable water for all citizens and will support new technological advances,” Barbara Lake wrote. “Further the next round of legislation will support the needs of working families by providing quality child care, paid parental leave, pre-kindergarten education for every child and two years of post-secondary education for every graduating high school senior. These are things that America needs to move forward. We cannot allow ourselves to be imbued in our past way of love. It is time to retool and move forward. Now we are moving from the industrial age to the technological age. It is time.”

Harry Jenness wrote, “I can’t believe anyone would say no to this bill. Our economy depends on an up to date or repaired infrastructure. The longer we wait the more expensive it gets. Many communities can not afford to go it alone.”

Louis Schwartzkopf wrote, “These investments will help to shore up our infrastructure and to move us into the future, and will provide good-paying employment to Minnesotans. They will also be paid for; this legislation will not increase either the federal deficit or the national debt. It’s definitely a good thing for Minnesota and for Mankato.”

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