MANKATO — A second person is charged with murder in a Mankato man’s fatal overdose.

Anna Marie Bailey, 60, of North Mankato, allegedly provided the drugs that Max Leo Miller, 21, of St. Peter and Mankato, traded to 21-year-old Travis Gustavson.

Gustavson died of an overdose in his home on Feb. 24.

Bailey was charged with third-degree murder Friday in Blue Earth County District Court. She denies supplying the fatal drugs.

According to court documents:

A medical examiner determined Gustavson died of an overdose of multiple drugs that included fentanyl and morphine. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid similar to morphine but 50 to 100 times more potent.

Social media messages obtained by Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force investigators indicated Miller traded drugs with Gustavson on the day of his death.

Miller was charged with third-degree murder April 21. After his arrest, Miller reportedly identified Bailey as the source of the drug he traded to Gustavson. He thought it was heroin.

Investigators then found social media messages from Miller about getting “H” from Bailey.

Task force agents arrested Bailey and searched her Tower Boulevard apartment on Thursday. She had a baggie of suspected heroin in her possession.

In her residence agents found suspected methamphetamine and metal containers with cotton that appeared to have been used to heat drugs. Cotton from one of the containers tested positive for fentanyl. They also found a fentanyl test kit and drug paraphernalia.

Bailey told an agent Miller asked her for heroin and she confirmed she had some, but she never actually sold him any heroin.

Bailey offered to tell investigators who was supplying heroin to the region, but only if she was released from jail the same day.

She is on probation for a 2019 drug sales conviction.

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