New Security Hospital building

The state Security Hospital in St. Peter. 

The Free Press

ST. PETER — A patient at the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter allegedly gave an employee a traumatic brain injury.

Damaris Boabu Nyasende, 24, was char-ged with felony and misdemeanor counts of assault Tuesday in Nicollet County District Court.

Nyasende punched a security counselor nine times in the head and face in December, the charges said. The female counselor was knocked unconscious for about three minutes and had a seizure that lasted approximately 90 seconds.

The victim was taken to the hospital via ambulance and diagnosed with a concussion and a traumatic brain injury, according to the court complaint.

She continued to have seizures that were at one point occurring as frequently as five times a day. She also suffered memory loss and bright light bothered her eyes. She visited the hospital 15 times between December and April.

As of this spring, the counselor was having seizures one or two days a week, along with frequent headaches and nausea. She was still not able to work or drive.

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