Rapunzel tower

Lacy Benz (left) and Marissa Benz, sisters from rural Blue Earth, used hay bales and household items to create Rapunzel in her tower.

BLUE EARTH — Lacy and Marissa Benz were feeling a bit like Rapunzel when they decided to take a tower-building challenge to the extreme.

The sisters, ages 21 and 16, spent their Saturday and Monday evening building Rapunzel’s tower out of hay bales and items they could find around their rural Blue Earth home.

Their creation wasn’t quite as tall as the tower in the fairy tale, in which the heroine happens to hail from the kingdom of Corona.

Lacy said she and her sister were tired of watching TV, so they decided to get creative while practicing social distancing.

Marissa is a student at Blue Earth Area High School. The district is issuing daily challenges and inviting students to post photos on the district’s Facebook page this week.

While most of the participants used Legos, the sisters used bed sheets, cardboard and other household materials to transform two stacked hay bales into Rapunzel’s tower.

The life-size image of Rapunzel (Disney’s version from the movie “Tangled”) took the longest to create. They used a computer program to divide her into 8-by-11-inch portions that they printed onto paper and then reassembled her, Lacy said.

“We thought this was the perfect representation of what society is experiencing right now,” Lacy said about the story of a young woman locked in seclusion.

The sisters hope their creation also serves as a reminder to voluntarily practice social distancing to curb the spread of COVID-19.

“Or else we will all be quarantined like Rapunzel for much longer,” Lacy said.

The sisters dismantled their tower at least temporarily because of damp weather. If Mother Nature provides a dry stretch they might reassemble it on their farm off of 347th Avenue southwest of Blue Earth.

Lacy now resides in New York City but has returned home indefinitely to reduce her exposure to COVID-19. She works in finance and was given the option to work remotely during the pandemic. She’s happy to have the chance to reconnect with family, she said, but would rather it be under different circumstances.

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