WASECA — Three teenagers are accused of burning down a vacant government-owned house south of Waseca in July.

Hayden Lee Groll, Nathan Allan Ribbe and Tyler Steven Morris, all 19 and of Waseca, each were charged with felony counts of burglary, arson and property damage Wednesday in Waseca County District Court.

According to court complaints:

A vacant house burned the early morning of July 25 on 161st Street off of 320th Avenue southeast of Waseca. The house was owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service adjacent to one of its waterfowl production areas. The structure was valued at nearly $184,000.

A few days later a tipster reported seeing videos of the fire on social media and the post indicated Ribbe had started the fire.

The person who posted the video said he and two other people waited in a vehicle while Ribbe, Groll and Morris went into the house and started the fire. All three people who stayed in the vehicle said they did not know who started the fire.

All three of the charged men admitted to going into the house but gave conflicting accounts of how the fire started.

Groll told a Waseca County Sheriff’s Office investigator he was intoxicated and did not remember much but recalled that Ribbe used a lighter to start a fire near the front door.

Ribbe next told an investigator Groll started the fire using a piece of cardboard. He said he might have helped Groll pile up up items to burn. They wanted to put the fire out but it grew out of control, he said.

Morris told the investigator Groll used a lighter and cardboard to start the fire. He said they had been drinking and were vandalizing the house before the blaze.

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