The city of St. Peter’s new $17 million water treatment plant should be providing residents with improved water quality by the end of April.

City Administrator Todd Prafke said users will begin to see changes in their water quality in the next few weeks as the new system continues to ramp up and be tweaked.

Construction on the plant is virtually complete. It was originally scheduled to begin operation in November.

“But one of the challenges we had is our inability to get green sand,” Prafke said.

The so-called green sand from a New Jersey mine has a special isotope makeup for use in the plant’s reverse osmosis filters.

Reverse osmosis is a filtration method used for improving water for drinking and cooking and is commonly employed in household drinking water purification systems.

The city’s new water treatment system includes a new plant on Broadway Avenue and an addition to the city’s plant on St. Julien Street.

The new system replaces and upgrades St. Peter’s aging plants and also adds needed capacity.

Prafke said water will be noticeably softer for people without water softeners.

Those with water softeners will need to reset them in accordance with the makeup of the “new” water.  Prafke said detailed information on the new system will be sent to users.

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