MANKATO — Logan Baggott was on a family vacation in Florida, taking a break from running a cleaning service and a janitorial supply business, only to create some more work for himself.

"I saw all these detailing shops down there on the beach and thought we needed that in Mankato."

This week he and a partner are opening 360 Car Wash & Detailing at 1676 Madison Ave.

While there are other car washes and others doing detailing — that can include a thorough cleaning of a vehicle's interiors, engine compartment and exterior — Baggott said he and partner Rhett Cummings are offering some things new to the area.

"It's all hand washes, no automated machines," Baggott said.

He said customers can just pull in and get a wash or schedule a detailing.

"We have complimentary pickup and drop-off services. Detailing can take from two to six hours depending on the extent of it," Baggott said.

"If your pop can freezes and blows up and you need your interior cleaned, we do that. We can take the swirls out of your finish. We can detail a classic car," he said.

Baggott said he believes using all hand washing prevents potential for swirl marks in the clear coat on vehicles and provides a better job.

A "mini detail" package for a car is $40 or $160 for a complete package. An unlimited basic exterior wash is $21.99 a month or an unlimited wash, vacuum and window cleaning for $39.95 a month. There are also ala carte services such as steam cleaning of carpets ($50) or cleaning and dressing engines ($30).

Baggott, a Mankato East High School and South Central College graduate, is no stranger to the cleaning industry.

"My family owns 260 apartment units, so that's how KB Cleaning and Services got started." KB provides janitorial, carpet cleaning and lawn services for apartment complexes, town homes, offices and other businesses.

"Then we decided we might as well sell the janitorial supplies, too, so we started Mankato Janitorial Supply Co.," Baggott said.

When entering into his third venture, Baggott turned to Cummings for a partnership.

"I'm 27 and have two kids and a lot going on, so I knew I couldn't take this on all alone," Baggott said.

While similar shops are ubiquitous in sunny Florida, Baggott said Minnesota's climate is custom tailored for a shop like this.

"With the weather in southern Minnesota it doesn't take long to start hurting your vehicle."

The business is open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays.

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