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Mankato residents can be confident that the Mankato Department of Public Safety has been making progress on the kind of community policing that can prevent the tragedies like the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police. But future success will depend on how that department a…

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Thumbs down to the disaster that befell Beirut this week and particularly to the official neglect and malfeasance that appears to have led to the explosion that flattened Lebanon’s major port, shattered the city and threatens the nation with starvation.

I agree with Erin Guentzel’s letter to the editor, published July 24, and that more consideration is needed on the proposed motor sports park at Eagle Lake, not only for environmental reasons, but also to consider the overall developmental impact on Eagle Lake itself.

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The Minnesota State High School League plan to modify the high school sports schedule for the coming academic year balances the need for health safety and the need to nurture young people with some normalcy in these pandemic times.

Outstanding job topping off Commerce Drive in North Mankato with the new fountain art piece.

My husband, waiting in line at the grocery store last week, heard a human jackass begin braying because the very nice, polite store clerk had told him that if he wanted to check out in her line, he had to put a mask on.

In response to Mr. Tonn’s letter from earlier this week, suggesting Congressman Jim Hagedorn spends more time in D.C. than in our district, I ask: You aren’t from around here, are you?

In his July 22 letter Kurt Schroeder said when students in his American government class ask the difference between liberals and conservatives he opines: "Liberals make decisions and policy based on emotion. Conservatives make decisions and policy based on reason, logic and common sense."

I was grateful to read Dennis Durand’s My View “Cops put themselves in harm’s way to protect us” in Saturday’s Free Press.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other party leaders have given permission to Republican candidates to create as much daylight as they need between them and Donald Trump in the three-plus months before the election.

Mankato has been my chosen home for over 40 years — the place I raised my children, worked, served to make it a healthy, beautiful, wonderful place with opportunities for a high quality of life for all.

In 1862, Union Gen.l Ambrose Burnside ordered 14 separate charges up Marye’s Heights at Fredericksburg despite pleas from subordinates to stop the slaughter. His army suffered 13,600 casualties — 1300 killed — for which the Washington press labeled him “criminally stupid.”

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The Minnesota police training and licensure board has a mixed history of success and relevance since its founding in 1977. It is time it takes a more significant role in statewide police training practices and, more important, disciplining officer misconduct.

It’s all about incentives. In a recent interview (Trey Mewes, Free Press 7/30/2020) Congressman Jim Hagedorn makes perfectly clear that he sees cruelty and unfairness as solutions for our economic catastrophe.

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As the COVID-19 exhibits its predicted ebbs and flows in states around the country, balancing economic health and public health will require we make economic decisions based on the increasingly specific health data that is available.

As we proceed into the fall elections, I have suggestion for those seeking national, state or local elective office and many, if not most pundits. Please refrain from using the following phrases:

If District 23B Rep. Jeremy Munson was an Olympic gymnast, he would have been awarded a perfect “10” with his recent series of “flips.” When he ran for state representative, he claimed he was a Republican. He used the Republican name, their help and their money to get elected but soon flippe…

My wife and I were at the traffic light on Lookout Drive and the Judson Bottom Road when every available squad car in North Mankato — with lights flashing blew through the traffic light — and headed north.

Blue Earth County was once referred to by the Star Tribune as “Trump country,” so I was not surprised to read in Thursday’s paper that only 64% of Mankatoans have replied to the census information requests.

What’s the difference between Democrats/liberals and Republicans/conservatives? Firstly, these are four different things, and aren’t even necessarily mutually exclusive. Ask any American historian and they will tell you how the 19th century Democratic party used to tend conservative and the …

Regarding high school teacher Kurt Schroeder’s July 22 letter in The Free Press which began with the following: "Students in my American government class often ask, 'What is the difference between a Democrat/liberal and a Republican/conservative?'

I read recently that Rep. Jim Hagedorn was the only member of the Minnesota delegation in the House of Representatives to vote against removing Confederate statues from the U.S. Capitol.

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It did not take long for major league baseball’s belated season to begin to crumble. The first regular season games were played Thursday; by Sunday an outbreak of COVID-19 was clearly under way among the Miami Marlins. By Tuesday half the team’s opening day roster, plus other members of the …

In a letter to the editor published July 22, high school teacher Kurt Schroeder shares that when students ask the difference between a Democrat/liberal and a Republican/conservative, his answer is "direct, simple and spot on." "Liberals make decisions and policy based on emotions."

I wanted to respond to the July 26 editorial "House GOP failed outstate communities." The thesis of the editorial was that important infrastructure projects can't be completed because the state House GOP refused to vote for the bonding bill the Legislature considered in their most recent spe…

While leaving church services on a recent Sunday, we saw a pickup pass by displaying a Confederate battle flag. We were disheartened by this symbolic display of racism, oppression and hatred in Blue Earth, Minnesota, in the year 2020.

I want to take a moment to thank the essential workers/professionals of the city of Mankato and Blue Earth County.

It is difficult to find a public area near Mankato with a good view of the sky for watching sunsets, star gazing, observing bird migrations, clouds or storms.

Our superintendent at the University of Minnesota School of Agriculture used to exhort us repeatedly, thusly: "You will get as bad a government as you are willing to put up with and as good a government as you are willing to work for."

I’m deeply disappointed that Rep. Jim Hagedorn voted July 23 to keep Confederate statues in the U.S. Capitol. Every other representative from Minnesota, in both parties, voted to remove these monuments to traitors.

I am not a very political person, but I got a good belly laugh from Kurt Schroeder's characterization: "Liberals make decisions and policy based on emotions. Conservatives make decisions and policy based on reason, logic and common sense."

Our elected officials should not hold themselves to a lower standard than they hold us. Yet, Congressman Jim Hagedorn is doing that when it comes to wasting our tax dollars.

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If you’re waiting for a new water treatment plant in your small town, you’ll have to wait longer. If you’re waiting for repairs to a leaky roof at your local community college, you’ll have to wait longer.