Thumbs down to the hoaxers who continue to deny that the Sandy Hook school shooting ever took place, and to their continued harassment of the families of the murdered children.”

If this weren’t true, it would be laughable. But it now is simply deplorable.

Fortunately, and somewhat sadly, the Newtown, Connecticut, parents are fighting back. One of them just settled a lawsuit with a book publisher that had produced a book called “Nobody died at Sandy Hook.”

A Wisconsin judge awarded summary judgment to the parent in their defamation lawsuit against authors James Fetzer and Mike Palacek. A trial will determine damages this fall.

That’s a separate action from the settlement agreed to from the book’s publisher, Moon Rock Books. The principal of the company said he believed the shooting happened after talking face-to-face to Lenny Pozner, a father of one of the victims.

Another parent, Robbie Parker, is part of a lawsuit against Alex Jones, operator of the conspiracy theory website Infowars.

Parker sued after years of harassment and uncounted hours trying to get the false conspiracy stories off social media.

YouTube just recently agreed to prohibit posts saying Sandy Hook didn’t happen.

All Americans should denounce these conspiracy theorists, including Jones, who is a nutcase, and a dangerous one at that.

It’s unfortunate parents have to go to court to prove their children were massacred. That should be reason enough for all of us to condemn the evil of these lies.

Foreign interference

Thumbs down to Sanate Republicans who killed a measure that would require campaigns to notify the FBI of foreign attempts to influence our elections.

Because people like President Trump think they may not have to tell the FBI if they’re contacted by a foreign agent who wants to influence our elections, it’s eminently reasonable that Congress would ensure a law spells out precisely that the FBI must be informed.

That’s what Democrats in the Senate tried to do recently with the Foreign Influence Reporting in Elections Act.

It was simple and direct legislation that said if a campaign is contacted by a foreign agent seeking to assist them with information, donate money or in other ways try to influence an election, the campaign must report it to the FBI.

But Sen. Mitch McConnell and fellow Republicans, unwilling to do anything that might irritate Trump, killed the measure saying it went “overboard.” It’s not overboard to make clear that if a foreign government or agent tries to interfere with our elections it must be reported.

Historic analysis

Thumbs up to the city of North Mankato for planning to look at whether the city should be a leader in the preservation of historic landmarks.

A July 9 tour of historic buildings is planned to help kick off more public discussion about what the city’s role should be when it comes to saving local historical structures.

The City Council and city officials in the past have been concerned that forming a preservation commission could give too much regulation power to an outside entity and infringe on property owners’ rights.

The first step is to find out how other preservation groups work and determine how one could function in North Mankato.

Instead of rejecting any movement toward preserving what is significantly historic, the city should consider how much value it gives a small city to retain historic charm if it has noteworthy structures.

Tourists visit lots of small, historic cities that have something to offer.

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