When I think of manipulating election results I tend to think nationally. I know of foreign interference, voter suppression and dis- information campaigns, but I seldom see them as local, small city, Mankato issues.

A recent opinion piece in this newspaper has opened these naive eyes.

The piece included a statement about signs proclaiming that "Black Lives Matter." The letter writer said he "Unequivocally agrees with the words on those signs." That is no small admission given the mindset of most of his cohorts. I must praise him for that statement.

However, the remainder of his letter serves to undermine that sentiment and smear the BLM movement and its goal of racial justice, which he says he supports.

The subsequent focus of the letter is an organization called Black Lives Matter Foundation Inc. that said on its website it aims to "disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement."

I agree with him that that would be a "cause for concern," were it to have any connection with the movement itself. But rather than vetting the "foundation," he legitimized it and implied that I and others as supporters of the cause of racial justice, are affiliated with that foundation and its unholy objective.

Had he fact-checked the "foundation," he would have discovered: The BLM Foundation has been denounced by the movement and the California and New York attorneys general have ordered them to cease and desist and to stop soliciting donations. 

Is his letter not a dog-whistle or a shriek to paint us BLM advocates of racial justice as destroyers of the American family? This is an obvious example of the kind of dis- or mis-information that we voters must deplore in the coming weeks. Consider the evidence and cast your vote.

Gene Biewen


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