When you vote in this presidential election, consider the fate of the environment. Consider what Thomas Edison wrote to Henry Ford in 1931:

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We all need to sit down and realize how important (it is) to put our differences aside and cast our vote. It is important to our worldly affairs.

We live in unprecedented times. A pandemic, social unrest, and the movement to incorporate Marxist ideologies into our society have put our country and the freedoms that we value and cherish at risk.

I sometimes joke that I don’t live in southern Minnesota, I live in northern Iowa. Culturally, politically and economically this part of Minnesota resembles Iowa more than it resembles the rest of Minnesota.

Back in July our congressman, Jim Hagedorn, was the only member of the Minnesota congressional delegation to vote against the removal of statues of Confederate generals and heroes from our nation’s capitol.

In the 1992 classic courtroom drama "A Few Good Men" military lawyer Lieutenant Kaffee (Tom Cruise) demands an answer from Colonel Jessup (Jack Nicholson) in the iconic courtroom final scene. His military importance in question, a rattled Jessup shouts back in contempt at Lt. Kaffee: "You ca…

Rep. Jim Hagedorn owes his constituents more than a quickie, internal review of his office. Voters deserve a transparent, independent investigation before going to the polls in November.

No one wants to be a victim of breakdowns in law and order. Everyone has a responsibility to support law and order. Law and order are a basic foundation for justice in democratic societies.

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The American Legion Department of Minnesota recognizes the nation’s divisions are laid bare during a difficult year for all Americans, and we hope to explain why the national anthem should not be the time and place for kneeling or other forms of protest.

So, our “cheer leader chief" admits he intentionally sugar coated the threat of COVID-19 to spare the general public from a panic.

After reading the current news of the day, I always turn to the editorial page — which often has the views and opinions of readers about a previous article.

In these turbulent times we are so lucky to have a president like Donald Trump, a law-and-order candidate who wants to make America great again.

Remember the elections of 1968 and 1972? In 1968, I wanted to vote. I couldn’t. Like other 18 year-olds, we were old enough to die fighting for our country but not mature enough to vote.

To the writer in St. Peter who is upset about the news and editorial articles that are critical of Trump. Rather than complaining about the newspaper and acting like you have a burr under your saddle, why not write an article about what you like about Trump? We would all like a short story.

This is a well contested election in which the contrast between the Democrats and Republicans is stark and clear. I suggest that we choose competence, integrity and compassion over chaos, confusion and corruption.

September is upon us, and with the election just two months away, it’s time for organizations to begin announcing their political endorsements.

When I think of manipulating election results I tend to think nationally. I know of foreign interference, voter suppression and dis- information campaigns, but I seldom see them as local, small city, Mankato issues.

I am writing in response to the letter “Trump critics intolerant of differences” published Sept. 3, in which the author argues that — in distancing themselves from Trump supporters — some critics of the president display a close-minded intolerance of differing perspectives.

Where did all the people go that weren't suppose to congregate this Labor Day weekend? Looks like they went to the Mankato Farmers Market. Most of the people there didn't pay any attention to social distancing.

Just when hatemonger Trump couldn’t stoop lower than mocking a disabled reporter, endorsing grabbing women “by the p**** - you can get away with anything,” glorifying Islamophobia, demonizing Africans as denizens of “s***hole countries,” Haitians as “all hav(ing) AIDS” and Mexicans as invade…

History is important. As a teacher, administrator and school board member I worked with the police liaison program and monitored parts of it from its origin, until my retirement in 1997.

Everywhere I go in Mankato I see people in stores not wearing masks. I have learned stores will confront these individuals, but if they claim to have a medical condition they are allowed to be maskless.

Those of us who have served in the military are a band of brothers and sisters — one family. Those of us who have been in combat are more so. All too often we don’t speak of where or what we did.

I am saddened and embarrassed that over 40% of polled voters support our president’s re-election while he facilitates the spread of the virus; doesn’t believe in fair elections; called soldiers who died protecting our democracy “suckers” (according to credible reports) while he’s finishing m…

To clarify the Sept. 5 Free Press Our View’s statement referring to the waiving of the witness requirement on absentee ballots, I note that only voters registered to vote on or before Oct. 13 do not need a witness.

We have been subscribers to The Free Press for over 35 years, and today we have had enough. Every article and editorial is against the president.

Socialism is not a dirty word. In fact, most of us honor and revere the largest socialist institution in the country, the U.S. military.

Recently, my wife and I were in the "Mankato Entertainment District" having dinner at a new local restaurant. We parked in the surface parking lot adjacent to Blue Bricks. As we we proceeded across the street we encountered the Pub 500 patio area. It encompassed the entire public sidewalk wi…

In a letter published on Aug. 13, the writer professed that he loved the Mankato community. He went on to criticize the president for "his misinformation", "propaganda," for being a "racist, traitorous president and his like minded followers" and that "this community does not support ignoran…

We're all incredibly grateful you've jumped into the national discussion on racism, bigotry and are at the forefront of open, truthful, discussion and change throughout all of American society. No exceptions.

The Minnesota Senate Victory Fund is the political arm of the Senate Republican Caucus. They are sending out political mailers to Minnesotans right now to support their GOP candidates. But the mailers are blatant attacks on the DFL Senate candidates; propaganda, twisting of the facts and yes…

Regarding your editorial, "Peace must precede politics or revenge" (Aug. 30), you fail to mention that the first man to vandalize a business in South Minneapolis after George Floyd's murder was a white supremacist bent on fomenting violence (Star Tribune, July 28).

I was reading the Wednesday Free Press local and state section and found it somewhat concerning.

All politics are local, which is why it is my pleasure to talk about my friend and former co-worker, Luke Frederick, who is running for the Minnesota House seat for District 19B.