Patience is running thin on the road closures of Nicollet County Road 1 and Nicollet County Road 12, as well as the load limits on Nicollet County Road 14.

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As a resident of North Mankato I would like to thank everyone involved for their time and monies spent on our new swimming and hockey complex.

A warning to parents living in Minnesota. On April 23, a majority of state representatives in the House voted to mandate (H.F. 1414) every preK-12 public and charter school teach Comprehensive Sex Education.

It appears that the North Mankato City Council has chosen to not defend in court its decision to grant a variance that would allow Holy Rosary Church to place a dynamic display sign in a residential area. In my opinion, that is a wise decision because granting that variance violated Minnesot…

I'm ashamed of the editorial board at The Free Press. It only took them four days after those awful mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, to politicize the tragedies and run three editorials calling for gun control. This is disrespectful. This is standing on graves to score pol…

And now they are arresting undocumented workers at their place of employment with no planning for what to do about their children left on the curb at school.

There has been a lot of hysteria over the recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton. Yes, very tragic. Politicians and news media are going nuts yet you never hear of them wanting to do anything about the shootings in our inner cities.

"Climate Change Threatens World Food Supply" was the lead story in leading newspapers. It was prompted by the release of a summary report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), staffed by more than 100 experts from 52 countries.

The city of North Mankato without delay should reopen the entrance to the Judson Bottom Road. Winter is coming. The problem here is that the city administrators don’t live on the Bottom Road. The inconvenience is not happening to them. The east entry is important, that’s why it was built there.

Rhetorically I ask: How long after the horrendous El Paso and Dayton mass shootings did it take politicians and the media to assess blame beyond the actual perpetrators?

I am responding to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's plan on sediment reduction in the July 23 Free Press, and The Free Press editorial on July 28. What is going on?

Just a quick note to commend you and your newspaper for your editorial criticizing Rep. Jim Hagedorn for banning from his office constituents who disagree with his views.

Diseases like polio, rubella, mumps and measles were once common in the United States and they caused disability and death of thousands of people each year. Vaccines are one of the greatest public health achievements in the last 100 years and have led to an enormous reduction in illnesses an…

Greater Mankato Growth and the Center for Partnership’s Aesthetics and Livability Committee’s lighting plan reveals a shallow understanding of what attracts people to picture Old Town, Mankato’s entertainment district and Belgrade Avenue in a unified way.

This letter is in reference to Sunday’s front-page article, “Bright ideas.”

Benjamin Netanyahu said in 1992 that Iran was three to five years away from a nuclear weapon. That was 27 years ago, and Iran still has not tested nukes. But hyping the Iran threat has become a cottage industry for the Israel lobby, which could lead to miscalculation and war.

Members of Congress have a responsibility to listen to their constituents and a duty to be accountable to those they were elected to represent. Congressman Jim Hagedorn has not demonstrated either of these.

Sometimes common ground is hard to recognize in politics. That makes acknowledging it all the more important. One issue on which citizens and elected officials agree: We need safe, reliable roads and bridges throughout the state. Whether you’re moving goods and services to create jobs or sim…

Thank you, Republican Party leaders, for making it acceptable to tell people of color to go back to their own country. A comment usually yelled from a speeding vehicle.

Has President Trump forgotten that his first and third wives, his own mother, and his grandfather came to America as immigrants?

The installations and updates at Stoltzman Park are a terrific example of progress that can be made when neighbors get together to do good.

The fact that Le Sueur and Waseca Counties have enacted temporary moratoriums on solar development, and that Blue Earth County plans to review its zoning ordinance on solar installations (“Counties look to tighten rules on solar farms as complaints grow,” July 17) is an expected outgrowth th…

As a citizen of Nicollet County in Minnesota’s 1st District, I want to respond to Rep. Jim Hagedorn’s ban of a constituent group visit to his district offices.

Rep. Jim Hagedorn, R-1st District, and his office staff have escalated in their efforts to insulate him from criticism of his unfettered support for the Trump agenda. Since taking office, Hagedorn has maintained offices in Mankato and Rochester.

Early in 2016, the United States came under attack by the Russian army targeting the highest level of our government, the presidency.

Last week The Free Press asked a readers survey question: “If you were part of the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, would you visit White House?” A majority answered yes. Some answered no, which is their prerogative. But were the vile hateful comments about our duly elected president, e.g. Anti-Chr…

Police should not be called on constituents who are peacefully participating in democracy. A group of us in Rep. Jim Hagedorn’s district had the police called on us twice in two days in a clear attempt at intimidation and suppression.

Each time I drive by the new Stoltzman Park I’m disappointed in the city I live in. The park is beautiful but isn’t accessible to many children in our community.

If you are interested in a concise view of the current state of our two major political parties, you need look no further than the events of June 28.

I was taken aback when Congressman Hagedorn completely ignored the falsehoods in a question asked at a town hall about a constituent's lower Social Security benefits because so many illegals were receiving benefits.

When Governor Walz was elected to office all he could do is beg for raises in gas taxes, new plate stickers, title fees and any place else he could stick the car owner.

Concerning the letters about Rep. Jim Hagedorn's recent telephone town hall: I'm trying to figure out the level of self-importance someone must posses to believe the reason an elected official is not meeting with them is because he or she is afraid of them.


David B. Forrey, age 86, died Tuesday, August 20, 2019. David was born on March 31, 1933 to Henry and Elsie (Mann) Forrey in the only place he ever called home, Garden City, MN. Woodland Hills Funeral Home of Mankato is assisting the family with arrangements. For many years David was employe…

Donna M. (Himmelman) Southwick, age 91, of Mankato, died Monday, August 19, 2019. Memorial Visitation 1-4 p.m., Saturday, August 24, 2019 at Northview - North Mankato Mortuary, 2060 Commerce Drive, North Mankato.

William C. Dhaene, 66, Henderson, died Monday, August 19, 2019. Funeral service, Friday, August 23, 2019, 11:00 a.m, Redeemer Lutheran Church east of Henderson, MN. Visitation, Kolden Funeral Home, Le Sueur, Thursday, 4:00 p.m. ~ 7:00 p.m. and Friday one hour prior to service. Burial, church…