It is very disturbing to see that Mayo is spending $600,000 for naming rights for the civic center at a time when the hospital still has hospital rooms with two beds in the same room.

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Recently, Rep. Jim Hagedorn released a fundraising email that demonstrates his careless neglect for the needs of his constituents. His denial of climate change is not just foolish but also irresponsible.

As a 20-year Navy veteran and resident of Minnesota’s 1st District, I find Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s attacks against the military service of his political opponent Dan Feehan to be disgusting and unpatriotic.

I have been a Mankato resident and home owner for close to 30 years. For better than a third of those years, I’ve been a “hockey parent.” For pretty much the entirety of those years, we’ve been hearing discussions about rink improvements, rink expansions etc.

I read on Facebook the feedback about your primary headline copy for The Free Press Jan. 6 front page. Citing "Waseca officer shot in head," all of the comments posted fell into the thumbs-down category. Negative. I agree with the comments.

Nicole Haugh’s recent letter where she admitted she participated in Dan Feehan’s roundtable on prescription drug costs contained the type of half-truths and inaccuracies in which the Feehan campaign regularly engages.

I just could not take it anymore. I have been writing some version of this op-ed for over a year. I know I write it at my own peril. Yet, someone in this community needs to provide an alternative perspective to the purpose of public higher education.

Any of you who supported Donald Trump own what may come from our illegal assassination of some of Iran’s top military leaders. This is your doing.

A top Trump 2020 campaign lawyer, Justin Clark, was caught on tape recently telling Republicans in Wisconsin that the party has traditionally relied on voter suppression to compete in battleground states. “It’s going to be a much bigger program, a much more aggressive program, a much better-…

Everyone is saying the 2020 election is the most important election of our lifetime. While that is the common theme for every election, it’s true for me since it will be my first. I wanted to do research on Minnesota's 1st Congressional District race.

“Find the cost of freedom,” wrote Stephen Stills in 1970 upon visiting a Civil War site. Those who fought and died to defend our freedoms are indeed “buried in the ground” as Stills and company sang.

A recent letter from a reader expressed disgust and disappointment over a Dec. 21 anti-Trump Our View opinion piece which he described as “vitriolic.”

A recent letter to the editor complained that Dan Feehan did not publicize his round table discussion on the cost of prescription medicines.

Rep. JIm Hagedorn's recent statements suggest that he is either is legitimately ignorant of his constituents who are working long hours for low pay, or he knows but doesn't care. Both possibilities are unacceptable.

Rep. Jim Hagedorn’s blind allegiance to the most corrupt and mean-spirited president in our history and the congressman’s vote against the renewal of the federal Voting Rights Act are reasons enough to oppose his re-election.

Several people have asked me why I support Dan Feehan for Congress. There are so many reasons that it can get to be a lengthy conversation.

Since the day after Rep. Jim Hagedorn was sworn into office almost 12 months ago, the hyper-partisan, hard-left activists of Indivisible have stalked, harassed and rudely berated him across the district and on social media on every conceivable topic.

I attended the town hall meeting Dec. 14. I heard plenty of policy view statements with little real listening on the part of Rep. Jim Hagedorn.

In 2014, then-candidate Jim Hagedorn said: “I’m one of those people that thinks, every once and awhile in Washington, you need some new blood, you need some new thinking, you need someone that’s going to go out there and challenge the establishment...and start doing what the people want.”

Being a long time First District Minnesotan who was formerly an active Republican volunteer, I beg Rep. Jim Hagedorn to stop universally supporting Donald Trump.

Climate change experts submit that in addition to major efforts, smaller individual actions will be significant in the overall solution to the problem of rising global temperatures.

I and several other students at Minnesota State University wanted to attend the Blue Earth and Nicollet County town halls hosted by Rep. Jim Hagedorn Saturday. However, both were scheduled inconveniently for us.

Overturning the will of the people by removing a duly-elected president of the United States was intended by the founders to be an exceedingly rare and judicious act.

I am supporting Bernie Sanders in 2020. This is strange to people who knew me in 2016. Back then I was an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton.

The debate on the effectiveness of social media in activism has been a divided one. On the one hand, people argue that social media is nothing but a platform wherein users engage casually and that they have little meaningful interaction on pressing issues.

The story of Julia Goleman (Free Press Dec. 8) is the untold story of women experiencing homelessness across the country — single mothers fleeing abuse.

Congressman Jim Hagedorn has opposed impeachment and has been very upfront with constituents about that stance. Hagedorn opposes impeachment because he is disgusted with how the Democrats in Congress have treated the process.

It is often said that many hands make lighter the work. That’s never been more the case than in recent weeks around the Minnesota State University campus.

Students need encouragement from their teachers to succeed. Sadly, this wasn’t the case for my son Eric at his brick-and-mortar school.

As one of the more critical and outspoken people of the city of Mankato's leader, I believe that I should clarify why.

Out of curiosity, I downloaded Countable — the app that keeps track of bills in Congress and how our members vote.

Jim Grabowska’s letter to the editor would have you believe he is an unbiased, reflective, independent thinker who, after much careful analysis and contemplation decided Dan Feehan was the nicest, most sincere candidate to represent us in Congress.

As a farmer with a vested interest in ethanol, I'd like to express my appreciation to Congressman Jim Hagedorn for his fight on behalf of farmers and ethanol producers.

It is unbelievable the Mayo Clinic Health System is going to eliminate another small community hospital and clinic. Their excuse is: “declining patient volume, physician shortages and accreditation.”

On Nov. 15, This American Life (NPR) aired a program called “The Out Crowd,” which documented the harrowing results of the Remain in Mexico policy. Today, as many of us gratefully reflect on the blessings of the season, thousands of refugees are trapped in crowded, filthy tent cities near ou…

Bob Jentges and I don't often agree on anything political, but I appreciated his letter about political disinformation and the best antidote being to "listen, read, ask and think."

It doesn’t take many mouse clicks to figure out that the members of the extremist group Indivisible who are stalking and harassing Rep. Jim Hagedorn, R-1st District, at town halls and writing letters critical of him to the newspaper are joined at the hip with Dan Feehan.

It’s been a while since I put my oar in the water on public policy, but there is an important issue that needs a lot of attention from all of us. When the cost of health care keeps growing, but our income stays flat, health care eats up more and more of our family income. This is a serious problem.

We need to express our satisfaction with the introduction of H.R. 4469, “American Workforce Enforcement Act,” by U.S. Rep. Jim Hagedorn, R-1st District, and his support of the USMCA trade agreement.

The U.S. is a divided nation; that is an understatement. What’s more, Americans increasingly hear we are living in our own “bubble” or echo chamber that differing views cannot penetrate.

I read that 1st District Congressman Jim Hagedorn at his recent town hall in Winona stated his belief that those who die by suicide go to hell.

While the impeachment hearings featured non-partisan career diplomatic and national security professionals presenting the facts, Republicans were frantically trying to deflect attention to what are totally debunked Russiangenerated claims that not Russia but Ukraine cyber attacked the DNC in 2016.


Wayne H. Fahning, 77 of St. Peter, passed Saturday, January 18, 2020. Memorial service: 11:00am Friday, January 24th at Trinity Lutheran, St. Peter. Visitation: 4:00-7:00pm Thursday at St. Peter Funeral Home and 10:00am Friday at church.

82, passed away at home in Green Valley, AZ on January 1, 2020. She retired after teaching Art at Minnesota State University - Mankato. Arrangements were made by Green Valley Mortuary.

Jennie Ullestad, 96, of Mankato, MN, formerly of Thompson, IA, died Thursday at Laurels Edge Assisted Living in Mankato. A funeral service will be held Wednesday, January 22nd at 11:00 AM at Bethany Lutheran Church, Thompson. Her family will greet friends one hour prior to the service at the…