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I had to write a letter to praise Mankato law enforcement for safely escorting a peaceful protest and intervening with looting attempts in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd.

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George Floyd's death at the hands – or rather the knee – of Minneapolis police office Derek Chauvin has sparked protests nationwide, including some looting and destruction of property in my hometown of Dallas. I do not condone senseless violence, but I understand some of the rage and frustration that fuels it.

The Mankato Area Community Band wants to thank Robb Murray for including us in his story on canceled concerts this year. I would like to add something about the history of our funding.

I would just like to shout out my thankfulness, appreciation and gratitude to all the businesses now opening up again.

The Minnesota chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Twin Cities Black Journalists, the local chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists, condemn the arrest of Omar Jimenez and the CNN reporting team by State Patrol troopers live on the air at approximately …

I am a spokesperson for a group of senior citizens who are at risk for our lives if we contract COVID-19. Right now, as the number of cases and deaths are increasing in Minnesota. It takes an act of courage to enter a public facility.

A mask protects others from your potential transmission of illness, something you can do even if you don't feel ill. This is one reason surgeons wear masks.

Christopher Leonard's "Kochland: The Secret History of Koch Industries and Corporate Power in America" is a six-year investigation of one of the largest private corporations in the United States.

Thanks to The Free Press's "Home + Style" magazine for its feature story on home solar panels and geothermal systems. It contained lots of good information.

In the modern western TV series “Yellowstone,” the character John Dutton battles enemies who threaten the future of his beloved ranch which has nourished the pocketbooks and souls of his family for generations. As the saga unfolds and Dutton faces a crossroads, his son urges him not to make …

Do you care about yourself, your neighbor, your co-worker, your 3-month-old granddaughter, your dad or your grandfather?

Another negative portrayal of a "conservative" American (gun toting, flag waving, overweight, shaggy man sneezing without a mask in another's face) in the Opinions page of the May 19 edition of The Free Press. I am tired and offended by that constant portrayal in your paper.

We members of Remember Me Too are gathering donors and are physically out among the students distributing food and necessities.

Leonard Pitts, in his op-ed “What black people are dying to know,” wrote that in order to dismantle systems of privilege, the beneficiaries of such privilege need to recognize the ways that privilege advantages them “every waking day from cradle to grave.”

There is good news from COVID-19 for this Memorial Day. We won't be getting stuck in traffic jams. And, the meat shortage will keep us safe from our outdoor grills.

This letter is in response to the Mankato Free Press article, “River Hills Mall, Other Businesses Begin Reopening” published Tuesday.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Mankato Area Community Band has canceled summer concerts in Sibley Park for 2020.

COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on so many people I care about. My despair and anger at the current administration’s mishandling of this crisis keeps me awake at night and I can’t stop thinking about how to help those suffering most.

I have a spinal cord injury which caused me to permanently have to use a wheelchair. My everyday basic needs depend upon caring and reliable personal care attendants to assist me to dress, bathe and do most of my personal cares.

I have never liked Donald Trump, from watching his obscene lifestyle in the 1980s to his idiotic persona while he was an actor, right up to present day. I will go to my grave proud of never once liking the man.

These past few months have been a stressful time for students across southern Minnesota. Many of us were furloughed or laid off, but unable to receive any aid from the stimulus. A stimulus check even arrived in the mail for my deceased grandfather, and yet I and many of my peers with rent, s…

Dan Feehan's argument that big corporations are getting priority over small businesses in the Paycheck Protection Program's payout disbursement is misconstrued. Although there is some validity to this argument, one has to consider why this was the outcome.

When I learned that the Mankato City Council would be discussing opening parks this week, I reached out to my councilperson and the mayor to express my deep concern with opening playground equipment too soon.

There are many things that we need government for in our society. Government, however, is not efficient, and in my opinion, is overreaching during this pandemic.

As we continue through the COVID-19 pandemic, we realize that this is not going to be a short sprint but rather a marathon. Like any skilled marathoner will tell you, it is not about speed or a fast start, but rather, pacing is key.

When COVID-19 forced Minnesota State University to effectively close its campus and move to an entirely online format, it was hard for all of the more than 14,000 students enrolled. But the changes were particularly hard on our 1,266 international students from 92 countries around the world,…

Your May 10 Health and Fitness section Associated Press article  "At Senior home, staff stays 24-7'' deserves attention by our state health official at this time when, statewide, senior care facilities are where the majority of the death occurs.

May 12, I read yet another very long Tom Maertens My View commentary: "Evangelicals enable Trump and his evil doings."

COVID-19 virus is a natural disaster and should not be compared to a war, which is a human-caused series of events that might have been avoided. The Spanish Flu and even the polio epidemic eclipsed COVID-19 for being lethal to humans, especially polio, resulting in death or partial/compete p…

Am I a Pollyanna to hold out hope that this pandemic crisis will seed profound existential changes?

Over the past few weeks we have recognized many groups as unsung heroes. They are the front line health care workers: doctors, nurses, paramedics, janitors, teachers, grocery store workers, child care workers, truckers and many others — all deserve our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.

Last fall, Gov. Tim Walz announced plans to adopt California’s Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) sales mandate here in Minnesota — an effort to increase electric vehicle purchases in the state. Recently, the governor wisely delayed the formal rulemaking. This was the right decision. However, the s…

Recently, the governors of a handful of states asked the Environmental Protection Agency to waive the Renewable Fuel Standard for this year. An RFS waiver would be a political boon to their states’ oil refineries. However, waiving the RFS would create unnecessary economic damage here in Minnesota.

Rep. Jeff Brand, DFL-St. Peter, advocates a huge new state borrowing package to “put Minnesota back to work” and “take advantage of historically low interest rates.” He neglects several important factors.

I have been frustrated by the news reporting and the shutdown of most small businesses in Minnesota. The news media, be it the paper, television or radio, constantly slant the news reports to impose their beliefs. This is not reporting but spreading their political propaganda.

I support Gov. Tim Walz. The leadership he has shown and the steps he has taken in regards to COVID-19 have been based on science, which is how it should be.

I listened to Gov. Tim Walz talking about our state’s ability to test for the COVID-19 virus. The collaboration with the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota is supposed to ramp up our volume of testing.