For decades, we have known that we were going to face unprecedented transitions of older adults entering retirement and requiring long term care for rehabilitation and indefinite amounts of time, sometimes days, sometimes years.

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For over a year, the Mankato Free Press focused on homelessness and housing issues. The effort involved Free Press staff in writing and struggling to understand the problems surrounding why people experience homelessness.

I listened to my daughter as she recently expressed her frustration over the last few weeks with the world, work expectations and the pandemic we are living in. She is a special ed teacher, wife and mother.

When my husband and I retired, we had to make a choice about our health care coverage. Because of our limited income, we wanted to make sure we chose an affordable plan, but not one that would force us to sacrifice any benefits.

Voting citizens of St. Peter, truly none of us want another tax of any kind but the 0.5% sales tax that is on the ballot is a good thing.

I read with sadness the obituary of Malda Farnham in The Free Press. The obituary did not give Malda enough credit for all she did for the residents of the city of Mankato.

As our long summer of road construction around Mankato winds down and things begin opening up, the improvements are very noticeable, especially the roundabout from westbound Highway 14 to Riverfront Drive.

Rep. Jim Hagedorn, R-1st District, continues to be negative in his votes and continues to support former President Donald Trump’s policies of narcissism and obstructionism.

Thank you to the Mankato Free Press for its recurring two-page focus on the environment in its Saturday edition of the print newspaper.

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”Peril”, the new book by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, contends that Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley was so concerned about former President Donald Trump’s unstable behavior after the election that he convened the top military commanders to remind them…

I attended the Sept. 16 Mankato Area Public Schools Equity Summit via their Zoom option. What I clearly heard from Supt. Dr. Paul Peterson was a full throttle pursuit of equal outcomes, not equal opportunity for the students within the 17 schools of the district.

Your recent editorial laments the lack of attention for missing Native American women. There are likely just as many missing Native American men, and missing men in general get little attention.

I read with consternation the decision by the St. Peter school board to drop masking requirements in the high school despite the opposition of the superintendent and no evidence to justify the decision. I assume it was because of pressure from anti-vaxers/anti-maskers.

I am old enough to remember when President Richard Nixon lied about and covered up the third-rate burglary. Yes, he was wrong to do so, nevertheless, it was still a third-rate burglary and for that he had to leave office.

As a former member of the St. Peter School Board, I was aghast at the rude, bullying behaviors of the group of largely unmasked people at the meeting I attended Monday evening.

On Friday, The Free Press reported that locally August job numbers increased 4.8 percent over last year. Private sector service jobs grew 5.8 percent, with 0.5 percent growth in manufacturing. Government jobs grew by 6.2 percent.

As an animal lover, for me to see the U.S. military service dogs lined up in carriers, ready to be boarded on our last planes to leave Afghanistan for the United States of America, only to be left behind in a country overwhelmed with turmoil because President Joe Biden and Secretary of State…

With respect to the recent debate about the Line 3 tar sands pipelines, I would like to say that they are unnecessary and dangerous.

I love Mankato. This is a beautiful area and a wonderful town. I have grown up here and attended both high school and college in the area. Throughout my time growing up in this town, I couldn’t help but note the growing problem we have in our community: tobacco use among youth.

In his address to the DFL Central Committee in early August, Gov. Tim Walz expressed his belief that the most important elections this mid-term were those occurring at the local level, especially school boards. I agree, and that is why I endorse St. Peter community member, neighbor, mom, fri…

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Sept. 22 is the 60th anniversary of the Peace Corps, the day that President John F. Kennedy signed into law legislation creating the agency. With one stroke of a pen, President Kennedy deepened our nation’s ability to live out key values — values like service, peace, sacrifice, commitment, a…

I’m writing in response to an editorial cartoon that appeared in The Free Press Sept. 3. It was a picture of a teacher at the head of his class, reading a list of things they were going to talk about during class time: race, sexuality, inappropriate behavior, gender identification, anger man…

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A college campus is a really exciting place to be at the start of the academic year. This year, in particular, because we are attempting to return to greater normalcy after a very atypical 2020-21 school year.

President Joe Biden now has a low approval rating. But consider: When he took office, he inherited the Afghanistan mess, a pandemic, an immigration crisis, the weather patterns caused by global warming, and a lot of citizens who wouldn't believe he'd won the election.

I am a senior at Minnesota State University and tobacco smoking has always been a problem for the older generation of my family and friends.

On behalf of our state’s police officers, corrections officers and dispatchers, we’re writing to publicly say thank-you to Sen. Nick Frentz and Rep. Susan Akland for their steadfast support of increased public safety efforts during the past legislative session in St. Paul.

With the school year just around the corner, I want to thank those school board members who put children before politics in requiring masks for K-8 students and staff.

I am writing in regards to the conduct of the crowd at the Aug. 26 New Ulm School Board. I attended the meeting and was shocked and saddened by the lack of decorum from the crowd.

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The American intervention in Afghanistan is ending badly. U.S. efforts to establish a western-style democracy or impose a military solution on Third-World countries have seldom worked — not in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Syria, Libya or Afghanistan.

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”They went on playing politics until their world collapsed around them.” — U Thant, former secretary general of the U.N., in a statement to the U.N. General Assembly in 1970.

Once again we are stabbing our allies in the back. We did it in Vietnam and are doing it again in Afghanistan. We go into a country and help them fight the adversary but with no intention of winning.

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In February 2021, President Joe Biden called for the development of a “root causes strategy” to address the problem of migration from Central America. Vice President Kamala Harris has done far more to discover root causes than congressional Republicans, who seem committed to blaming poor and…

Many of us got a special-edition email from Congressman Jim Hagedorn recently, fearmongering about critical race theory and how anyone who strives to tell a fair story of the American experience to our schoolchildren is essentially a Marxist and hates our country.

Mankato Area Public Schools’ equity framework document says “a racial equity lens is a vital decision-making tool at a policy and practice level” and refers to school policies multiple times. I think that this is going to create a call-out culture that undermines the teachers’ ability to con…

In a recent Free Press Our View, one line caught my attention: many conservatives "view improving vaccination rates as handing a political victory to President Joe Biden."

“Today’s hearing is about how we support small businesses.” Rep. Dean Phillips responded to Rep. Jim Hagedorn with this statement, implying that he believed the things Hagedorn had been speaking about did not apply to how we should be supporting small businesses.

Rep. Susan Akland, R-St. Peter, has been mischaracterized recently by former Rep. Jeff Brand, DFL-St. Peter, as being against firemen, citing her vote against her own bill for the local sales tax option.

In a letter to the editor published Aug. 1, Dana Melius displayed a gross level of deception about the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) and Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s effort for the federal government to treat all restaurant owners equally.

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After reading the editorial in The Free Press (Sunday, Aug. 8) paper entitled “Funding plans need more scrutiny,” I feel some of the information the writer used to criticize the request for more pickleball courts needs to be refuted.

In school, I was greeted almost every day by the librarian, Mr. Strey, saying, “It’s a beautiful day in the Valley!” Which, when it was -30 and my eyelashes were frozen together, made no sense whatsoever.