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As I watch all this unfold, I am struck by this: There is a total lack of leadership. A leader must unite his nation in the face of grave danger, as we did after Pearl Harbor and 9-11. And in peacetime, too: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” (P…

To help prevent the further spread of coronavirus, the way in which our students attend school is changing. I’ve heard a lot of concerns from parents as schools across Minnesota close and move to the unfamiliar world of online classes.

Shame on The Free Press editorial board for being more concerned about the president calling COVID-19 the "Chinese Virus" than Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi holding American workers and businesses hostage by delaying a relief package to get an agenda passed that has nothing to do with COVID-19.

As I sit at home and contemplate the bizarre reality in which we find ourselves, and the resources it will take to fend off this assault on public health, I can't help but think back to previous politicians and the policies they put in place.

While the majority of people in Mankato believe the federal government is doing all it can to combat COVID-19, the increasing lack of tests and other crucial medical equipment speaks otherwise.

I'm writing this letter as plea to my fellow citizens. I watch the news and study history compulsively (just ask my amazing and incredibly tolerant wife), so I consider this information an informed opinion.

I’m writing this letter as plea to my fellow citizens. I watch the news and study history compulsively (just ask my amazing and incredibly tolerant wife), so I consider this information an informed opinion.

While I respect and appreciate Jennifer Bromeland’s reply to R. Kent Purrier’s letter and the information she provided, I have to back up Mr. Purrier. He’s absolutely correct.

I’m not entirely sure where this puts me on the political spectrum but here goes: I want everyone (including the ultra-wealthy) to pay the same tax rate that I do. I want those taxes to benefit the greater good vs. the few.

Thank you, Tim Krohn, for your insightful (and funny) article in the Sunday Free Press.

In the Feb. 12 issue of The Free Press it was reported that more than 2,400 fetuses were found at the home of the Midwest's most prolific abortion doctor Ulrich Klopfer.

Did the U.S. Supreme Court go too far in its rationale for free speech and press when ruling for the New York Times in a landmark libel case brought by a public official 56 years ago?

In May, the state Legislature will debate and compose a bonding bill at a to-be-determined dollar amount that will include a small percentage of the thousands of requests they’ve received.

Recently, Rep. Jim Hagedorn revealed that he has been battling kidney cancer for the past year. I would like to commend and thank Rep. Hagedorn for having the courage not just to fight this disease but to do so publicly.

A recent letter supporting the "stop and frisk" policy of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to be a little extreme when it comes to fighting crime.

In 1862, we believed that the killing of five white settlers by four Dakota men in the township of Acton in Meeker County in the newly created state, Minnesota, could start a killing contest known as the U.S.-Dakota War.

A little over a century ago my family came to southern Minnesota looking for a better life than they were offered in Germany. They spent years working hard in the fields in their farm near Lewiston.

In response to the recent letter submitted by R. Kent Purrier titled “Eagle Lake officials must be monitored,” I am writing to address a concerning possible misperception that the public has not had access to information about the proposed Mankato Motorsports Park project or been made aware …

After Super Tuesday it looks like Joe Biden v. Bernie Sanders in the Democrat Party primary. The timing of the drop-outs favored Biden; he will probably win the nomination.

I’m writing in response to article published in The Free Press March 4: “'Medication fog’ can mimic dementia.”

I do not intend to express my support for Michael Bloomberg, but I support "stop and frisk."

I’m very disappointed to learn Jeff Brand, my representative, voted against my Second Amendment rights last week.

I wish to thank and commend the editors of The Free Press and especially Robb Murray and Jackson Forderer for the compelling, heart-wrenching, important article about Kris Bonander and Scott Radtke.

I am a resident of Eagle Lake who is concerned with the proposed Mankato (in Eagle Lake) Motorsports Park. This project may very well have the process transparency being touted by the Eagle Lake City administrator, yet still lack the type of strong engagement and general awareness among resi…

As COVID-19 comes ashore in the United States, one can't help but wonder about the impact of having so many of our citizens without access to basic health care.

Business owners invest in Minnesota’s future every day. They invest in their employees and their communities. They invest in their business needs — equipment, workforce — to grow, many times before company profit is a guarantee.

I was dismayed by the headline in the Free Press on Feb. 23 stating “Cross-river disputes growing after a decade of detente” and the page five headliner even bigger “CITIES: Suspicions of bad faith grow.”

Our current president continues his inexorable march toward totalitarianism, and still you support him. Our current president lies daily, and still you support him. Our current president denigrates and mocks those he perceives as enemies, and still you support him.

As the district commander for the 84 American Legion Posts located throughout south and southwestern Minnesota, I am honored to be surrounded by our region’s great service members, veterans and military families.

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