In our current time, there are few good books that speak to the fundamental problems in America.

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The vast majority of us want our kids, no matter what their race or background is, to feel seen and valued so that they can prepare to live happy and productive lives.

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Critical race theory is an academic theory that is promoted by Fox News as a way to stir up the rubes. The Washington Post wrote that “The concept has been around for more than 40 years, but it has become a major programming theme on Fox News only in recent months as parents, buoyed by conse…

Readers of the July 3 Free Press article, “Lead bullets are harming bald eagles,” should also read the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s April 1 report, “By any metric, Minnesota is at the center of bald eagles' rebound.”

I read with interest the July 10 article about the drying up of the Great Salt Lake and the adverse side effects for wildlife and air quality in a highly-populated region of Utah.

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First it was integration that was going to harm our white children and destroy public education.

Payday lending is often advertised as “emergency relief,” but if you look at the data, there is nothing farther from the truth.

I want to applaud every community member who spoke out against Mankato Public Schools' new equity guidelines at the recent school board meeting. Board member Chris Kind deserves praise for being the sole vote against these changes.

At the Monday School Board meeting we listened to a discussion to include Critical Race Theory in our schools. Most of us agree that an educational curriculum should be based on full facts and ideas that are solid and settled. However, Critical Race Theory is based on half-truths and dispute…

I attended the “live and in-person” July 12 Mankato City Council meeting and was impressed with the review the auditor presented. I maintain that we as residents have become complacent over the years, simply expecting financial excellence from our city staff, and then having it delivered on …

With the recent story from The Free Press about law enforcement in Mankato welcoming body cameras, I felt compelled to write another letter thanking Mankato police and the city for making this happen.

I am so sick of having guns being an appendage for many males age 15 to 35. Drive by shootings, road rage shootings, scared cops shootings at traffic stops, all because of a proliferation of handguns in cars.

We owe Greg Wheelock a debt of gratitude for all his dedication and hard work in the repairing of the McPherson/Union Cemetery on the north edge of St. Clair.

I want to start out by thanking Brian Arola for the great job he did covering and reporting on the public safety press conference that was held June 9. It was hosted by various organizations in our area.

Over the past months I have noticed an attempt to change the vernacular, replacing words I have relied on for clarity during my almost 84 years on this planet, with gender pronouns.

The Editorial Board of the Mankato Free Press recently took issue with American Experiment’s Raise Our Standards education tour (Our View: Campaign against social study standards a political ploy), resorting to sweeping generalizations, vague statements and unsupported accusations about our …

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The Republican deficit hawks are back, complaining about Biden’s economy and the deficit. Their goal, according to GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, is to obstruct everything President Joe Biden does.

I support teaching all the history, even the difficult parts. I support teaching about experiences, stories and priorities of all people, even the not-white people. When I retire, I want well-educated young people in charge.

Voting is the main way we Americans participate in our democracy. The “one person, one vote” principle is enshrined in our history.

The governor recalled the state Legislature on June 14 to extend his emergency powers and to attempt to pass a budget. A couple of observations from this event need to be made.

I attended the presentation titled "Raising our Standards" June 9 in Mankato, and would like to share a few of my thoughts.

The city of Mankato recently sent out an email outlining “conservation efforts to help protect water resources.” Primarily, it limits where and when lawns can be watered.

After reading your June 10 article on a recent Critical Race Theory presentation on its implementation in our schools, I would encourage readers to make an effort to look up CRT on their own. This topic merits further attention.

The Minnesota I know offers a helping hand to her neighbors, stands up against injustice, and creates a better place for all of us to live. Rep. Jim Hagedorn knows nothing about Minnesota values.

Spending billions or trillions on infrastructure — inconceivable. Really? Is each representative and senator aware of the infrastructure needs of their area that this bill could cover? How much would fixing aging bridges, failing water treatment plants, perennial flooding areas, lead water p…

The Free Press editorial board’s one-sided, favorable-only review of the last 14 months of government actions should leave readers wondering if they can ever count on hearing that the government might have done anything wrong.

You know who you are. Would the person or persons who took my 85-year-old mom’s Adirondack chair from the Shiloh Court, Mankato area, please return it.

It’s often said there’s two sides to every story. But what if one side is 90% correct and the other side is only 10% correct? And what if each side is convinced they represent the 90%?

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I’m no fan of cancel culture but try to take each issue separately and not make a knee jerk political decision on it, which only seems to make my friends on the right and left mad.

Most Americans strongly support the Constitution and our fundamental freedoms.

We have all been made painfully aware of police shootings. They draw more attention than the more frequent kind.

State Rep. Jeremy Munson, R-Lake Crystal, in reference to your letter of May 28: Why is state support of art centers a “waste of taxpayer dollars”?

As a political observer for more than 40 years, I attest: Today’s Republican Party and “conservative” movement are saturated in lies, conspiracy theories, bigotry and hate. “Limited government?” Beyond laughable.

Last week Jack Lindsay wrote a very perceptive letter concerning the current dreadful assault on the people of Palestine by the Israeli government. There are many Jewish people who are appalled by what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a Trump wannabe, and his minions have been doin…

In a May 25 letter to the editor in The Free Press, former Rep. Jack Considine, DFL-Mankato, greatly mischaracterized my voting record. Mr. Considine accused me of not supporting law enforcement. Not only is he wrong, but his article was a shallow misrepresentation of the multi-subject omnib…

I believe it was about 10 years ago when then President Barack Obama said: "Elections have consequences." I selected a few notable consequences of a remarkable 2020 presidential election.

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TAIPEI, Taiwan — In the early morning of April 20, I awoke in Taiwan to a dreaded phone call from Minnesota to learn about the passing of Walter “Fritz” Mondale, the former vice president to President Jimmy Carter. Born in Ceylon, a small town in southern Minnesota, Mondale lived to 93 — hav…

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There were 16 alleged cases of vote fraud in 2020, out of 160 million votes cast; the Republican response is to promote the big lie about vote fraud and propose 361 new voter suppression laws in 47 states.

The most recent Oscar for best documentary went to Netflix’s trailblazing documentary "My Octopus Teacher." The documentary chronicles a complex relationship between a man and the world’s most bizarre animal — an octopus. It further testifies to our highly conflicted relationship with non-hu…

Those of you that get your information on social media and Newsmax may be under the impression that Rep. Jeremy Munson, R-Lake Crystal, supports law enforcement and is opposed to defunding the police, but is that a real position when you fail to vote to fund law enforcement in the first place?

We are witnessing a genocide. An indigenous people are being stripped of their land, forced into ghettos, and systematically slaughtered.