On July 2, I packed up my car and headed East to Washington, D.C. I drove straight through by myself.

I showed up at the Trump salute to America security gates in time to be in the front row of the non-elite section. My area filled most of the left side of the reflecting pool.

I was one of two Trump protesters in the area.

I sat the entire day listening to these Trump supporters. How kind and supportive they were of each other. This kindness was necessary because while Trump's elite section had water, ice cream and bathrooms, our section had zero services.

I had several nice conversations with everyone around me. Throughout the day we agreed on just about every topic. I, of course, had different ways of reaching the same goals.

My protest was to blow a whistle and yell “traitor “ every time Trump spoke. I stopped once Trump began to introduce the individual services, as I have great respect for our armed forces.

My newly-found Trump friends did not care for this. Initially they began by taunting me verbally. Then they began to spit on me.

After about 10 minutes, a group of four people assaulted me and stole everything I had, punched me in the head and grabbed my hand to take my whistle.

This assault last approximately 4 minutes until the police arrived and protected me. After approximately six police pushed the crowd back, the spitting and verbal threats continued. When the protest ended I walked away and no one bothered me.

I thought I’d walk away from my protest solidified in my contempt for Trump supporters. What surprised me most about my trip though was how very alike we all are.

Along with the awful realization that the tactics used by Trump have led people very much alike to end up in a physical assault scenario because of free speech.

I believe we are all more alike than we realize we are. I believe Trump is a racist poser who is connected to the moneyed elite. I believe that we could accomplish great things if we learned to compromise.

Kevin Haggerty


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