Any of you who supported Donald Trump own what may come from our illegal assassination of some of Iran’s top military leaders. This is your doing.

My children are less safe because of you.

To be sure, these men were engaged in terroristic activities. To be sure, they were not friends of Americans. To be sure, they have been responsible for the deaths of Americans.

None of that justifies a policy of preemptive assassination. That is the way countries like Russia do business. Which, should surprise no one given the fact that President Donald Trump has been in the pocket of Russia since they started backing his loans through German banks.

This is not a WWF match or monster truck rally. This is possible global-scale warfare.

The way to deal with extremism born of religious occultism isn’t by murdering the cult’s most revered leaders. Just look at the crusades, you do not fight religious extremism (Muslim or Christian) with murdering more people. You do it through the gradual spread of enlightened democratic ideals.

Shame on anyone who has supported the current corrupt president. I hope your religiously extreme judges, tax breaks for the ultra wealthy, racist policies and dismantling of our environmental protections were worth it.

I hope you’ll be the first to sign up for battle to protect my children from what you’ve created.

And, for those of you who will take the extreme nationalistic stance of something like, “love it or leave it”, I say read your history and spend particular time on 1930s Germany and 1960-1990 Iran and Iraq and discover who weaponized these countries.

Kevin Haggerty


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