The Democrats traded their kingdom for a horse. The horse being the ineffectual future presidency of Joe Biden.

Despite the polls, the Blue Wave proved a mirage. Republicans dominated state legislatures — enabling them to reshape congressional boundaries for a decade. By 2022, this means a lost House majority. Not that Democrats need the GOP’s help losing: They lost seats this cycle, unprecedented for a party entering the presidency. They also failed to take the Senate, which means four years of gridlock ending with the demise of an unpopular Biden presidency.

Biden is emblematic of his party’s disease, which also manifests in candidates like Dan Feehan, the twice-failed Democratic nominee for Minnesota's First District.

Feehan ran a campaign devoid of substance. Rather he emphasized his background: He’s entitled to your vote because of who he is, not because of what he will do for you. Like many mainstream Democrats, he did this because he has contempt for his base. From him you’ll hear nothing of Medicare for All or marijuana legalization. Marijuana was his undoing, as the Grassroots Party siphoned enough votes to render his run a failure.

Now, here we are. An ascendant conservative movement that is making gains among Latinos and African Americans. Its left wing counterpart? A carcass of a party obsessed with winning the votes of “moderate Republicans” who are nonexistent (Trump gained Republican votes this year, despite the Lincoln Project’s obscene budget).

Biden will stew in his ashes. He burned his party down, and dozens of Feehans, Freys and Walzes helped. Surely Biden knows the verse, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Jack Lindsay


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