I would like to respond to Blake Couey’s letter concerning Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s vote against the equality act.

Couey contends that Hagedorn does not care about Couey’s livelihood or the ability to secure housing and that he does not represent the district’s values.

However, the fact that Hagedorn was re-elected proves that the majority of his constituents feel Hagedorn represents their values.

Couey makes an emotionally based argument in support of the equality act because as a member of the LGBTQ community he states he has concerns for his safety or whether he will be treated fairly when it comes to legal matters or health care.

There are many constituents who view the Equality Act as a dangerous piece of legislation as it will restrict our religious freedoms and freedom of speech. If a person has moral values that are contrary to progressive views on gender or same sex marriage, these people will be labeled as bigots and their words and actions will be criminalized if they speak or act in accordance with those values.

Co-existing with others who have contrasting religious beliefs is a part of our American culture. However, this legislation will damage the freedoms that are an integral structure in our country where we are free to live out our religious morals and values.

Couey expressed his fear of discrimination when in fact he is supporting a dangerous bill that will do just that.

Eric Litynski

St. Peter

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