After the events at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, it is time to correctly label Rep. Jim Hagedorn and the Republican Party. They are a fascist and authoritarian organization.

Hagedorn and his GOP colleagues have repeatedly and continuously lied by claiming the election was “stolen” from Trump.

In December, Hagedorn signed onto the Texas lawsuit to have the Supreme Court throw out the presidential elections in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin due to lies of fraud.

Over the weekend, he welcomed his colleagues in those same states, who were elected in the same elections, into the halls of Congress, while vowing to throw out the presidential electors for Biden. Hours after President Trump told supporters at a “Stop the Steal” Rally to march to Congress, the mob turned into an insurrection and stormed the U.S. Capitol.

In state capitols around the country, similar rallies cheered on that news — with local Minnesota House representatives Susan Akland and Glenn Gruenhagen in attendance at the rally in St. Paul.

Hagedorn’s comments condemning the violence are worthless when he joined 65% of his House colleagues to overturn the Pennsylvania election mere hours later.

It has become crystal clear that Republican elected officials and activists around the country and locally believe that the only legitimate elections are those that elect Republicans.

That is authoritarian. That is fascist. And if the people involved face no repercussions, it sets a terrifying precedent.

Logan Campa


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