Why do I support Dan Feehan?

As a dad of three who is working paycheck to paycheck, I support Feehan because he is the only one who cares about the working class.

Feehan understands the struggles of us in District 1 because he is out there and interacting with people and not sitting in his luxury office in Washington putting the needs of the rich above ours.

As someone who is in a military family, I want my friends and family home. Feehan will do that. He knows first hand the cost and destruction of war.

U.S. Rep. Jim Hagedorn has never met a war he doesn’t support. He has never seen an American intervention that doesn’t make his eyes turn to dollar signs.

I support Feehan because it is time to give the working class a break and start having the rich pay their fair share. We give so many tax breaks to giant corporations who pay zero dollars in taxes while I pay over $350 every check in taxes. My rent equals what I pay out in taxes.

We need to elect people who will fight for people like me.

Feehan is that fighter, he has fought his whole career and I have no doubt he will continue to fight in Washington.

Daniel Ogle

North Mankato

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