Congratulations. The Free Press has done it again.

I have never in my life have seen a comment in yours, or any other newspaper, of the scope that I read on Sunday morning, May 30. On a Sunday morning, The Lord’s Day, a day of rest, and the day before Memorial Day, when we need to settle ourselves down and pay our respects and honor, with peaceful, pleasant and prayerful memories, those who have gone before us.

Then the unveiling of another presentation of tripe and vitriol presented by our esteemed local professor about his opinions on the current political bickering that is so present in our American society today. Free Press timing is impeccable and appears to be designed to keep the pot boiling and the nitpicking ever present. After all, one does have to admit this is the sort of thing that sells newspapers because, as we all know, money is the name of the game.

Well, thanks for ruining my day as well as that of an untold number of others, I’m sure, who were also offended by this sort of trash. Our esteemed President Joe Biden has mentioned many times over that this should be a time for healing and coming together and working for the common good of our country and all who call it our beloved homeland.

It seems to me, by what was in your publication on Sunday, your people must have never heard his plea nor any other like it. But, keep up your fine work, it’s good for sales.

Chuck Westermayer


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