It’s often said there’s two sides to every story. But what if one side is 90% correct and the other side is only 10% correct? And what if each side is convinced they represent the 90%?

Indisputable fact: Both sides cannot be right.

So, how did the party of Lincoln’s 45% correctness rating (1945-1965) drop to 10% now?

Among our foremost political developments over the past century:

1. Civil rights movements demanding that the nation live up to the democratic values we espouse; and

2. Expansion of government to guarantee the opportunity to flourish in a technologically advanced, democratic society.

The Republican Party power structure has rejected both, with ever more extreme actions:

1. “Southern strategy” absorbing the Confederate legacy of racism, along with supporting white supremacy;

2. Welcoming opponents of women’s rights, LGBT rights, gun control, lessening Christian dominance, dealing with environmental threats, and lessening income inequality;

3. Worshipping the Reagan dictum that government is the problem, not the solution —leading to 40 years of falling behind in meeting infrastructure needs and of twisted government actions opposing needed social change;

4. Stacking the judiciary so Republican presidents would never again appoint judges like Earl Warren, Warren Burger, Harry Blackmun, John Paul Stevens, and David Souter.

5. Submitting to propaganda masquerading as news (Fox News).

6. Embracing legislative gridlock in Congress to establish minority rule.

7. Corrupting the democratic election system with gerrymandering and voter suppression through Republican controlled state legislatures.

8. Supporting Trumpism, the anti-democratic obliteration of truth for power that is the essence of Donald Trump.

9. Accepting the threatening craziness of The Big Lie, the Jan. 6 insurrection, and conspiracy theories.

Ron Yezzi


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