September is upon us, and with the election just two months away, it’s time for organizations to begin announcing their political endorsements.

While seemingly underrated, endorsements from organizations are a cut-and-dry way to figure out what each candidate does (and does not) stand for.

Jim Hagedorn was recently endorsed by three critical groups: Gun Owners of America, Minnesota Farm Bureau PAC and the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association. His support for the constitutionally-protected right of gun ownership, championing of biofuels and the Farm Bill, and unwavering defense of our law enforcement officers has never faltered and is evident through the endorsement of hundreds of thousands of members throughout these three groups.

Hagedorn has made it his priority to listen and connect with our communities in southern Minnesota, and these endorsements prove he’s representing us well.

Dan Feehan’s website, on the other hand, shows endorsements from radical pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL, and extreme anti-police organizations like the Human Rights Campaign.

Feehan eagerly promotes these endorsements, but refuses to address whether he supports what these groups stand for: taking away our Second Amendment right, federally-funded late term abortions and defunding law enforcement.

You have to ask yourself, how safe would our neighborhoods be in the Mankato community?

With this handful of endorsements alone, the contrast could not be clearer. I cannot, in good conscience, support a candidate who promotes the approval of pro-abortion, anti-police and gun extremists that are against our southern Minnesota way of life.

Hagedorn better represents our rural values and will have my vote this November.

Mark Wright

North Mankato

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