Rep. Jim Hagedorn, R-1st District, continues to be negative in his votes and continues to support former President Donald Trump’s policies of narcissism and obstructionism.

From Sunday’s paper (How They Voted), Hagedorn voted against extending the debt limit. I suppose he would like to see the federal government default on its obligations and send the stock market and economy into a tail-spin.

He also voted against the cancellation of student loans for those who subsequently become permanently disabled. He is cruel.

Hagedorn voted against our military veterans concerning medical debts. He voted to continue our financial aid to Saudi Arabia so they could continue their war with Yemen. He voted against an apology to the western states and Pacific Ocean territories for radiation exposure during the government’s nuclear weapons testing.

Hagedorn voted against the military spending bill for the fiscal year ending September 2022.

Of course, the residents of District 1 will hold Hagedorn responsible for his support for the Trump coup on Jan. 6, when he voted with many other Republicans to overturn the election results.

Thanks to Mike Pence, the Democrats, and many Republicans who understood that Biden won the election and did not support the Big Lie.

James S. Stenson

St. Peter

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