Being a long time First District Minnesotan who was formerly an active Republican volunteer, I beg Rep. Jim Hagedorn to stop universally supporting Donald Trump.

Trump is demoralizing half or more of America with his lack of integrity, honesty, issue knowledge and consistent self-dealing.

For example: Trump put his personal political interest of a public Joe Biden investigation before our nation’s security by attempting to bribe Ukraine with congressionally approved military aid.

As a CPA for over 30 years, former business owner, community volunteer and military mom, it has been an honor to know true leaders whose success was matched by teams of people who wanted to work with them over and over again. Admired leaders leave wide ripples of positive influence.

Trump on the other hand acts more like a cyclone drain, drawing dark particles close and down into his abyss.

Our admired first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, worked tirelessly, smartly and humbly to save our United States of America.

I imagine Honest Abe, rolling over in his grave reading Washington D.C. tweets and news.

Please Congressman Hagedorn, stand up for Minnesota values of honesty, integrity and respect. Abe, I and 330 million other Americans are counting on you.

Jody Swanson


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