There are many things that we need government for in our society. Government, however, is not efficient, and in my opinion, is overreaching during this pandemic.

The government is picking and choosing winners and losers in private businesses, which to a lot of people, including me, makes no sense.

Greater Minnesota is not Minneapolis-St. Paul. Adequate time has been provided for local strategies to be put in place in our health care systems.

Minnesota's largest candy store is a wonderful business run by local entrepreneurs and I'm glad they're open. No one, however, can convince me that they are essential.

All Minnesota businesses should be allowed to open as well. I think the debate would be fairly easily argued that any business, compared to a candy store, has the right to be open.

The answer's simple — you don't have to patronize any business that is open.

As I drive by the large box stores in Mankato, the parking lots are as busy as in the holiday season.

Many people are violating the governor's order by traveling up north to their cabins, secretly having friends over at their houses and a variety of other social activities.

Businesses cannot secretly violate the order as many people are.

Without business, we cannot fund our schools or local governments. The ripple effect in our economy will be devastating.

Minnesotans are educated individuals and should be treated accordingly.

Places of worship also are run by intelligent individuals with rights. They could've come up with options such as multiple services and social-distancing strategies.

Gov. Walz, it is time to open up Minnesota.

Marc Chadderdon


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