Lately in the media there has been talk about eliminating the electoral college and using the popular vote in determining who wins the presidency.

I disagree with this thinking. Here’s why.

Our Founding Fathers set up the electoral college to decrease the ability of a mass tyranny over the minority. If we were to eliminate the electoral college, just a handful of states would control who would win the presidency.

The majority of the country would have no say in who its leader would be.

Take a look at Minnesota. Our current governor came to power by the popular vote of a small number of counties. The rest of the state of Minnesota should probably have stayed at home. The control here is that the larger populated areas of the state disenfranchise the rest of the population.

Do we want that to happen at the national level in presidential elections? I don’t think many would like that.

I believe that our citizens want fairness in our elections. I believe that most people want to see a country that represents all regions of the country, not just a few states controlling the power of leadership.

Keep this in mind as the debate goes forward on this issue. Let those who make policy decisions know you would like to keep the electoral college in place.

Leroy Vetsch


It’s time to focus on real news

MankatoFake news has been the subject of my past letters to the editor.

Since then, I have been witness to many new categories that have emerged from the fake news inner sanctum.

Some were bizarre, weird, unsavory, in poor taste, disgusting, graphic, X-rated or ridiculous.

One such ridiculous story revolved around the actor who portrayed the fictional character Bozo the Clown. Apparently, this actor had a severe addiction to alcohol. According to his manager, the clown act was going to be promoted to “Boozo” the Clown.

What I find disgusting about this story is the treatment of alcohol addiction as a laughing matter. It is not. This story about Bozo was the last straw.

Now is the time to present sources of real news:

1. First and foremost, The Mankato Free Press.

2. Minnesota Public Radio stations.

3. Most public broadcast TV stations.

4. WBBM News Radio in Chicago.

5. Rush Limbaugh, KTLK6.

6. Sean Hannity, Fox Radio, and cable talk news and via satellite.

7. BBC World News TV from London.

8. Voice of America Radio Network, that’s been broadcasting 24/7 since Feb. 1, 1942.

9. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty that’s been broadcasting since 1949.

10. The American Forces Network Broadcast Service operated by the U.S. Armed Forces’ American Forces Radio and Television Service — radio broadcasting since May 26, 1942, and television broadcasting since 1954.

The freedoms our veterans fought and died for are the envy of the world.

News reporting is one of those freedoms and should not be wasted with fake news masquerading as real news purely for the sake of entertainment, ratings and hyperbole.

Thaddeus Hultengren


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