Each year in January we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and are then made aware of the importance of the peaceful methods advocated by Rev. King for the accomplishment of racial equality.

Other than around that time, one never hears or sees anything in the media pertaining to what he preached.

After the George Floyd incident, the media has never stopped to fan the fires of racism. We always learn when a white policeman, while doing his duty, a Black man loses his life, but rarely if it was a non-black losing his life.

I think the media makes it appear as though Black Lives Matter is helping the black community. But in reality, that organization is very detrimental to racial equality.

The three words together — Black, Lives, Matter — means something most of us feel is very important.

Since the rioting, burning and looting this past year, one never heard anything about the love and peace which King advocated. Little effort was made to stop the mayhem until after blocks of businesses were destroyed.

Interestingly, all those riots occurred in states controlled by Democrats and there was no timely involvement of the National Guard, but then for the Democratic inauguration they're enforced for weeks nationwide.

Leo Bromenschenkel


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