According to the FBI, sexual predators groom children through images and sexual instruction to remove the natural defenses they have.

The FBI calls this criminal, while Planned Parenthood and many legislators call it education.

The Comprehensive Sex Education program sponsored in the Minnesota House as HR 1414 and in the Senate as SF 2065 is bad legislation for families. This legislation supports sexual exploration using graphics and pornographic illustrations to teach not only older students but even the younger ones in the hopes that they believe that consensual sexual activity is their right.

So, is that what Minnesota families want in their public schools? Do parents want their children to have sexual activists, which includes gender identity activists, to come into the classroom and groom their children to be indoctrinated into a lifestyle of dangerous and unhealthy sex practices? I don’t believe that is what most parents want for their children.

Do the parents want the type of sex education in the public schools that the Comprehensive Sex Education program promotes? I do not believe parents want their children taught how to consent to sex, masturbate, how to receive referrals for abortion and gender counseling without parental consent, and how to have safe sex.

I believe that parents want to assume their responsibility in raising their children in the development of their sexual identity through home training and through their religious institutions.

Let’s not indoctrinate our children so that they become targets for sexual abuse, experimentation and trafficking.

Contact your legislators and tell them you don’t want Comprehensive Sex Education. These bills have not been passed yet, but will be an issue in the next legislative session. Make your voice heard, and contact your state representative and state senator.

Leroy Vetsch


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