The "cancel culture" warriors are more concerned with a few outdated children's books than our country's founding principles.

Our country and our independence started with "We The People." The idea that a political party can cancel "we" is astonishing. Passing laws that would put legal barriers in place to keep those "We the People" from voting is a sign of a hypocrisy of empty values.

Their ideas and values no longer resonate with large sections of America. So instead of redefining and convincing voters to vote for them they have chosen to redefine "we." That's so very short sighted.

That plan could work both ways.

Canceling a paradigm like universal voting is a short distance to limiting other principles most Americans take for granted.

A cult of a personality has historically lead to dictatorships. A party of ideas competes in democracies. Ideas and values are more than just opposing what the other party's ideas are.

So a bankruptcy of ideas requires that they, the Republican Party, cancel "We The People."

Rob Swart


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