Mankato public schools need to do something about bullying in the schools.

Many of the kids in the schools are being bullied daily and it has to stop. Kids are being cornered by other kids, usually more than one, and are threatened or even beaten up.

There are times that the school asked the kids that are doing the bullying if they are OK and treat the bully as the victims. There are times that this is happening in front of cameras but then people are being told that they didn’t see anything on the camera and so they can’t do anything because it is one word against the other.

Kids are being bullied to the point of parents picking up kids early from school to get them away from the problems. How are kids supposed to learn if they are not in school due to someone bullying them?

Some kids are afraid to even go to sporting events where there is minimal supervision due to fear of being “jumped” by a group that is bullying them in schools. I know bullying is an age-old problem, but enough is enough. Kids need to feel that they can approach teachers and feel protected when going to teachers for help instead of being told to resolve it on their own.

We need to protect our kids and have them feel safe to go to school and want to be there. Kids should not be afraid to be in school. Why is this happening? What can we do to fix this problem in the schools?

Doug Hendley

Eagle Lake

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