I was horrified by the events at Maple River’s homecoming. I stand with the Black Lives Matter mother.

I, like all Maple River alumni who didn’t possess the “right last name” or weren’t the “star athletes” know how it feels to have legitimate concerns brushed away by Maple River’s administration in favor of ignorance, whitewashing and a blatant disregard for any child or parent who is different.

With reluctance, my children attend Maple River. My son has epilepsy. Sadly, it took a whole year of arguing with Maple River West to get my son the most basic kind of care for his condition.

When I brought his meds to the school, MRW asked, “You don’t think he will really need those do you?” Appalled, I said, “I hope he doesn’t. But if he does, these meds will save his life. So yeah, he needs them.”

For the next year, MRW refused to train anyone on their staff as to how to administer those meds. My son suffered through seizures alone. He fell off his chair in class and was found with his face down in his food and yet, MRW still refused to take any action.

This includes allowing the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota to come to the school and provide the proper training MRW would need to help save my son's life. I was told that Maple River “didn’t want to burden their staff with training for one kid.”

So, you better believe I stand with the BLM mom who only wanted to support her children, because I know how it feels to not be heard by Maple River.

Dorinda Kruggel

Good Thunder

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