At the Derek Chauvin trial the prosecution did not allege racism was a factor in the horrible murder of George Floyd. They argued Chauvin was a bad cop. They did not argue he was a racist cop.

So why were what I consider the usual national race hustler personalities here in Minnesota? I think it's because they conflate almost any issue with race/racism.

Racism is their business. They use it to profit from hate and division while tearing America apart from the inside out.

As a recent example, in a April 23 Associated Press article Rev. Al Sharpton is quoted as saying: "We come to Minnesota as air fresheners because your air is too odorous to breath...We can't breathe in your stinking air no more."

The influence of national race hustlers needs to be marginalized by good people of all races, willing to look beyond skin color and see human beings. That said, an April 13, Newsweek opinion piece by politics professor Eric Kaufmann caught my eye. To wit, "The Media Is Creating a False Impression of Rising Racism. My Study Proves It."

Kaufmann's underlying study is: "The Social Construction of Racism in The United States."

Moreover, with respect to policing, nationally there were 1,127 police related homicides in 2020. Police officers were charged in 1% of those. (Police Violence Report). Between 2005-2020 a total of 27 police officers were convicted of manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter and murder. (Statistica Research Dept.) Certainly too many.

But how many and what percentage of private citizens were charged/convicted of those same crimes over the same time periods?

Violent crime is surging. Do we have more of a societal problem than police problem?

Bob Jentges

North Mankato

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