It is unbelievable the Mayo Clinic Health System is going to eliminate another small community hospital and clinic. Their excuse is: “declining patient volume, physician shortages and accreditation.”

It is amazing to me that this world-renowned health care system, which has some of the most intelligent physicians in the world, cannot figure out how to “save” a rural community hospital and clinic. This “trend” has been experienced by Albert Lea, Waseca, Fairmont, Madelia, St. Peter and “?” This has been a failure by the “system” of not really and truly caring about our rural communities!

It seems ironic the MCHS can help build a multi-million dollar facility in a foreign country, but fail locally. For years Springfield had an excellent health care system with very fine physicians who were dedicated to their community. Now?

It would seem, then, if Mayo would begin to feel in their “heart” an understanding of what it is like to live and breathe in small town America they would “wake up”! Wake up to taking care of their physicians and staff!

The philosophy should be: Our patients and our physicians and staff come first.

Dr. James Eiselt


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