Mayo should spend on better care

It is very disturbing to see that Mayo is spending $600,000 for naming rights for the civic center at a time when the hospital still has hospital rooms with two beds in the same room.

That is Third World mentality in this day and age. Who would want to even stay in a hotel room with an unknown roommate, let alone in a hospital room when they are seriously ill and need rest, quiet and privacy?

It has been pointed out for years that this practice is not only archaic and inhumane, but it violates the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and infection control principles. It is no longer an acceptable practice.

The HIPPA law protects all personal health information including verbal information. There is no way to protect verbal health information privacy when two people are in the same room.

I wonder if veterinarians even put two sick dogs together in the same enclosed kennel. That $600,000 could be spent much more wisely on updated single bed rooms.

When Mayo bought ISJ hospital for a dollar, they stated clearly that they were there to provide services not currently provided in the area and not to compete with existing services.

Not only have they spent millions of dollars building clinics and recruiting physicians as a nonprofit organization to compete with tax paying existing physicians and services, they seem to have closed existing services in the area and have directed patients to Rochester that could have been treated locally.

Now they not only are spending $600,000 that could have been directed toward safer more compassionate hospital care, they seem to have also voided an agreement the civic center had with existing competition.

Dr. Stephen Penkhus


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