Bradford Development has Eagle Lake in its sight for a motorsports complex barely outside the current Eagle Lake city boundaries.

Residents of Eagle Lake must be told about the amount of noise and exhaust pollution this will create and how many days and nights this will be disturbing the entire city and nearby townships. Racing vehicles are very loud and racing could continue into the night on most weekends for half a year or more.

The proposed complex will be bordering the lake (Eagle Lake), disrupting fishing, hunting, other outdoor activities and, most of all, the wildlife.

City Administrator Jennifer Bromeland is evidently promoting this plan by wanting to extend water and sewer to the site, bringing money to the city at the expense of Eagle Lake citizens’ peace, clean air and quality of life.

Bromeland should be tarred and feathered and rode out of town on a rail, along with the mayor and council members if they allow this travesty to advance.

This complex needs to be far from the high population area of Eagle Lake.

Doug Erickson

Eagle Lake

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