Minnesota State University has foolishly fallen into the identity politics mindset and is now unable to see the forest through the trees.

The need to add perspective to the Abraham Lincoln statue on campus is the result of individuals who can only see the world through the lens of race, while separating all racial groups into either "victim" or "oppressor" categories.

In September 1862, the North was certainly not winning the Civil War. There had been embarrassing defeats and indecisive victories with the war to go on for two and a half more bloody years. The fate of this country and slavery were in the balance with hundreds of thousands suffering and dying as a result.

At this dark time the Dakota struck. Over 600 settlers were killed, dozens more captured and terrorized. More would have died if a New Ulm defense had failed. Even with these events in mind, Lincoln took the time to individually review and commute the death sentences of 264 Dakota warriors.

Lincoln could see the forest from the trees, both in dealing with the aftermath of the Dakota War, but also our national Civil War. He freed people and united our nation both with words and actions. I hope our local university can be as wise and keeps its eye on the bigger picture.

Peter Pytlak

North Mankato

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