We need leaders who will lead with courage, compassion and respect. When our elected leaders use their social media to call members of the other parties names, belittle their work or policies in general, it's hard to understand how such language benefits the common good of all.

Disagreeing is expected, but collaborative and respectful communication should be a reasonable expectation as well.

As citizens we expect our elected leaders to hold a wide range of opinions and to work for their priorities, but it also seems reasonable to expect them to be collaborative and compromising whenever possible, and above all, respectful.

These kinds of priorities do not appear to be a part of Rep. Jeremy Munson's social media posts, which instead seem designed for the primary purpose of inflaming anger and hatred on the part of one segment of the population toward the other, i.e. toward those who disagree with him and his brand of politics.

There is a better alternative. My fervent hope is that Munson will start to use his position as an elected leader and large online following to start using his social media in a way that will benefit us all.

Help us have constructive conversations surrounding issues; start sharing and offering up alternative solutions instead of just tearing down what we have now; and please stop with the posts that continue to pit groups of people against each other.

We're tired of the hate. Rep Munson, please consider what it might mean to have compassion for all your constituents, and please treat all of us respectfully. I pledge to do the same in return.

Liz Zaruba


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