Following Rep. Jeremy Munson’s claims about his position on creating an emergency insulin program for Minnesota’s diabetics is a lot like traveling the Minnesota River — it’s a seemingly endless array of twists and turns.

His latest claim in response to The Free Press’ editorial criticizing him for posting a video dispensing medical advice to diabetics, is that the people who want to establish the emergency insulin program are “socialists” who want to hook Minnesota taxpayers.

That’s simply wrong. Diabetics, legislators and the governor have made it clear all along that it should be the insulin manufacturers who should pay for such a program, not Minnesota taxpayers.

Insulin manufacturers created this crisis by more than doubling the cost of insulin since 2012 simply because they can. The result is that Minnesotans are dying. That’s unacceptable.

I’ve been a Type 1 diabetic for more than 29 years. I can tell you that “Wal-Mart insulin” is like being forced into playing Russian roulette. Maybe I’ll live, maybe I’ll die, but if I live, I’m likely walking away scarred.

Contrary to what Munson and Big Pharma claims, when compared to more modern insulins, Wal-Mart insulins are simply not viable.

Munson needs to stop dispensing medical advice, leave medical decisions to the professionals and their patients and stop repeating Big Pharma’s talking points. He also needs to put the interests of Minnesotans ahead of Big Pharma and get on board with the creation of an emergency insulin program.

This is about life or death.

Nathan Loewy


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