Rep. Jeremy Munson recently introduced a bill to let rural Minnesota switch to being South Dakota.

I grew up in rural Minnesota and have lived more than 20 years both in Minnesota and South Dakota. My house in Minnesota has half the taxes as the same house in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, so do not believe all the negativity about high Minnesota taxes.

My whole life Minnesota has had higher than average quality education in the U.S. Do not assume that average is OK. We are 20-something in the world.

South Dakota historically had the lowest teacher pay in the nation, and when they made a big deal about moving up a couple steps by raising teacher pay, the next year they immediately did not do the cost-of-living adjustment and will probably be last again soon.

My brother did not like farming so I told him to get a good education so he would get a good job in the city and not just any job. He got his Ph.D from the University of Minnesota and has been a research scientist for Honeywell for 40 years.

Ninety percent of Minnesota college grads stay in state compared with 60 percent in South Dakota. Keeping the value of the increased productivity of our graduates is why Minnesota has a much larger economy than South Dakota does.

If you want your children to have a substandard average education, move to South Dakota.

Roger L. Elgersma


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