Jon Olson is the DFL candidate for the District 20 Minnesota State Senate seat. In these times of extreme partisanship and the near paralysis of legislatures, Olson impresses me as a superb choice. Every voter in District 20 should set aside party biases and consider the following about Olson:

• Born and raised in Minneapolis.

• Graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.

• Served for 25 years in the U. S. Navy, principally as an intelligence officer on assignments in Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East and Finland.

• Retired in 2013 and now teaches at Metropolitan State University and Carleton College.

• Experienced leader and consensus builder.

• Committed to making our democracy work through conversation and cooperation.

On the issues that face all Minnesotans, Olson believes:

• Good, affordable health care should be available for everyone.

• Quality education at all levels is essential in a free society and a functioning democracy.

• Family farms are key elements of Minnesota’s economy and culture.

• Preservation of our natural environment and meeting the challenges of climate change are keys to the state’s future.

• Energy policies ought include clean options, conservation, transportation options, etc.

• Minnesota can and should become an international hub of scientific and technological research and development.

• Affordable high-speed internet service across the state is essential to Minnesota's development.

In this strangest of election years, meeting candidates, getting a sense of them as real people, and learning about their positions on issues is difficult. Everyone should “meet” Jon on his website: I hope you are impressed as I am.

Byron Nordstrom

Le Sueur

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