I’m writing in response to an editorial cartoon that appeared in The Free Press Sept. 3. It was a picture of a teacher at the head of his class, reading a list of things they were going to talk about during class time: race, sexuality, inappropriate behavior, gender identification, anger management and, if there’s any time left over ... geometry.

I had to laugh. This cartoon was a humorous and very poignant way to make a serious point: academics are taught in the classroom, values should be taught in the home.

Isn’t a student’s home the place where they learn kindness and morals and empathy and the difference between right and wrong? Yes, the school needs to follow up on these already instilled values, but I believe parents must be the primary teachers of their children’s moral standards.

Their actions, words and beliefs are really a child’s first and most lasting textbook.

I would like to see the schools get back to their main job of teaching good, strong scholastic subjects, while parents continue to do their job of providing all the rest.

Mary Lou Getta

North Mankato

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