The world is once again topsy turvy, God.

My family and friends (your creations) refuse to be vaccinated from the disease named COVIOD-19 which is ravaging the world

Belief in conspiracies and/or the thought of what is happening as propaganda from our government and the belief in you, God, or the higher power will protect them from this disease is what? Irresponsible? Are they only thinking of themselves and not in the human race where is their humanity?

Don't they know you God/higher power has provided the knowledge to those who created the vaccines?

Have they all forgotten all the vaccinations taken when they were children to safely protect them from: small pox, measles, mumps, rubella and polio?

Oh they say not all of those diseases have been eradicated? Is it because parents are refusing to vaccinate their children? Hmmm... food for thought.

What will it do for them to vaccinate? The lives of their co-workers, friends, parents, siblings, or their own children?

Is the vaccination the 100% answer and cure for the COVID-19 disease?

Of course not. We all know nothing is 100% effective or safe but it damn sure boosts the chance of their survival and those around them.

Let us put our beliefs, our conspiracies, our political identities, our fears and our selfishness aside and let us get vaccinated for those we love and care about.

José V. Garibay

St. Peter

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