Assault and harassment against Asian Americans is on the rise in the United States. Assaults against people on the street in San Francisco, verbal assaults in St. Paul, and Asian basketball player Jeremy Lin being called "Coronavirus" while on the court.

This has to stop and everyone can help.

The first and most important step we can all take is to stop referring to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 as the China virus or as the insanely racist kung flu. Referring to the virus in this way only serves to demonize Asians and does nothing to punish China.

Simply put, anyone still referring to COVID-19 as the China virus is perpetuating racism and contributing to the violence against Asian Americans.

Stop it. And tell others that are using it to stop it. That includes former President Donald Trump.

It doesn't matter that it originated in China. Using those terms does nothing to hurt the Chinese government, only Asians everywhere.

Troy Schoeneberger

North Mankato

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