As a dedicated walker and biker I utilize the Sakatah Singing Hills Trail regularly from Madison Lake to Faribault. While I am enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, the wind, trees and sunshine so are others, and oftentimes very quietly.

All of a sudden behind me comes a biker or runner who has not acknowledged their presence by signaling they are approaching an unsuspecting person. I am startled! Surprise! Yikes!

Please take a few moments to review and put into practice the basic trail rules, courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, so that we can continue to have wild and healthy places to explore for generations to come.

For the enjoyment of all and the protection of our natural resources, please observe these rules.

Passing: Pass on the left when safe and give audible signal. Stay to the right when others approach. Yield to pedestrians and slower trail users.

Be safe.

Stop means stop. Watch for traffic at intersections

Pets: Keep on a leash and under control at all times. Pick up after your pets

Trash: Keep your trails clean. Take your trash when you leave

Stay on the trail.

Respect adjoining property. Help protect our natural resources.

You are responsible for knowing the rules for this trail.

A complete list of rules is available at the nearest DNR office or

Thank you. Be safe, be respectful and have fun. Happy trails.

Loree Brown


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