I recently drove through Iowa and noticed they have seat belt laws. They also have speed limits, and it is illegal to use a cell phone while driving.

I would assume that Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds will be rescinding those laws immediately. After all, according to her logic, wearing masks is a personal choice. So areĀ  seatbelts and speeding. The difference is obvious to anyone except apparently Gov. Reynolds and others of her ilk.

Wearing a mask helps limit the spread of COVID 19. This is a fact. If a person is choosing not to wear a mask as their "personal choice," they are still negatively affecting all of those around them. A drunk driver makes a "personal choice" to drive while intoxicated. If they kill someone, isn't it just the driver's "personal choice"?

I used to respect the Republican Party, and thankfully there are still many in the party trying to govern logically. Reynolds is not one of them. She is bowing to the anti-science crowd to pander for their votes and doesn't care about the health of her constituents.

Troy Schoeneberger

North Mankato

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