Many of us got a special-edition email from Congressman Jim Hagedorn recently, fearmongering about critical race theory and how anyone who strives to tell a fair story of the American experience to our schoolchildren is essentially a Marxist and hates our country.

I suppose the special-delivery nature of it was only coincidentally related to the bad news about how a major funder for the Minnesota GOP and the Hagedorn campaign, and a close friend of Hagedorn and his wife (the Minnesota GOP Party chair), was just arrested on multiple counts of child-trafficking.

Hagedorn says he will donate the friend’s contributions to charity, which I expect he thinks will be the end of it. But I think we should ask ourselves what subset of beasts today’s Republican Party is coddling: If it’s not the Anthony Lazzaro/Matt Gaetz flag-waving accused child-sex-trafficking patriots, it’s the Blue Lives Matter flag pole-and-bear-spray-in-your-face-on-the-Capitol-steps patriots, or it’s the QAnon your-COVID-vaccine-will-turn-me-into-a-5G-antenna patriots, and on and on.

The sane Republicans have largely gone silent so as not to upset the Autocrat-in-Chief, who, by the way — according to the My Pillow Guy — was scheduled to resume the presidency.

Richard Robbins


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