I read with consternation the decision by the St. Peter school board to drop masking requirements in the high school despite the opposition of the superintendent and no evidence to justify the decision. I assume it was because of pressure from anti-vaxers/anti-maskers.

One board member resigned, no doubt because of the threats, intimidation and disruption from this group of people. Yes, students 12-17 can get vaccinated, but I doubt that a high percentage of students are vaccinated.

This decision comes at a time when hospitals are at capacity and health workers are quitting. It comes at a time when the CDC is recommending that even fully-vaccinated people should wear masks when indoors because of frequent cases of vaccinated persons testing positive for COVID and that vaccinated people can pass COVID on to others.

High school students who contract COVID can pass the disease on to their family, friends and others. Those of us who are taking the disease seriously are very upset by the casual disregard by so many Americans. Some 1,900 Americans are dying each day, and yet too many people seem to think this is OK, at least until one of their own dies.

Donald Daggett


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